Summer Plans

June 13th, 2010

This summer I’m determined to get out of the house 4 out of 5 days a week with the kids.
We are going to be busy.
None of this “I’m bored” stuff.
Some things will be consistent: On Tuesdays we’ll go to the library. Not sure if we’ll always go to the same library or if we’ll terrorize other libraries but on Tuesday we’ll be at a library.
We’ll do play dates once or twice a week (anybody want to come and play?)
We’ll go places – Como Zoo, MN Zoo, Children’s Museum, Wild Rumpus Book Store, Hyland Park Reserve, the beach, the park, Splash Pads
We’ve got scheduled activities – Swim Lessons, Great Adventure Club
We’ll also run errands.
Any other suggestions?

Oh, and the day I don’t take the kids out of the house? That’s my day off. I’m running away.

I Don’t Want My Kids to Be Happy

March 13th, 2010

I fell into a rabbit hole in blogland this morning and ended up here. More specifically, I ended up here, reading a post by a mom who doesn’t want her kids to be happy. And realizing how strongly I agree with her.

Halloween Costumes

October 3rd, 2009

I finished up the kids’ Halloween costumes this afternoon. Lexi wanted to be a “Green Princess” and Milo has no opinion yet so he gets to be the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.

Here’s Lexi’s costume (it’s hanging funny because it’s on an adult size hanger, not a kid one.)

And here’s Milo’s.

When we go trick-or-treating, I’ll get pictures of the kids in the costumes.

Random Topics

September 28th, 2009

Random Topic #1

Does anyone know why I’m so interested in Portland, OR? Seriously, when I think about moving (which we are currently not planning on) I never think about moving across town or to a different neighborhood. Nope. I go straight to Portland. And here’s the odd thing about it. I’ve never been there. I’ve never even been to the Northwest. But the idea of living there is very, very appealing to me.

Random Topic #2

The kids’ Halloween costumes are almsot finished. Lexi got her wish and gets to be a green princess. She’s tried on the dress twice but has declared she can’t wear it until Halloween. And Milo is going to be the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. He was going to be a bumble bee because that’s the costume I had left over from Lexi 2 years ago but the princess dress pattern was actually the pattern for the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz. And the Scarecrow pattern was included so Milo gets to be a scarecrow. And he’s going to look adorable. Pictures of the costumes and kids in said costumes will be coming soon.

Random Topic #3

Twitter killed blogging. All my friends that used to entertain me in blog-land have abandoned ship for twitter. I check google reader and the only updates I get are news blogs. Come on, don’t let the blogs die!

Random Topic #4

Kid updates.

Lexi is now taking a gymnastics/dance class. Parents aren’t allowed to stay and watch the class so the only info I have is what I glimpse through the window and what she tells me. I usually wait outside the gym in the hall and I can always hear Lexi. She’s loving class because all I hear is “WHOO-HOO! I did it! Ms. Jessie did you see me? I DID IT!” (even though she is the most ungraceful one in the class).

Milo is a crawling machine. He’s also obsessed with saying “all done”. I think he sort of knows what it means but mostly I think he just likes saying it. But don’t confuse it with his other phrase “up down”. There are other things he has words for but are kind of hard to understand still. He says “hi” and “dog” but they come out more as “i” and “dah-g”.

Random Topic #5

We’re on season 3 of The O.C. Total teenage drama. Total waste of time. Love it.

Odds and Ends

April 15th, 2009

I need to blog and I’ve got a lot of things I want to blog about but not much to say about each topic so let’s just cram them all into one post, shall we? Great.

  1. Milo goes to the audiologist tomorrow. Or maybe it’s the opthomologist. I don’t remember which. But he’s got appointments at both. Nothing serious just the routine stuff they do for infants who are born in the States. Mostly to get a baseline incase things come up later.
  2. Milo had giardia. It’s a gross little parasite that comes from drinking contaminated water or poor sanitation. Luckily in the States we have meds that can treat it but unfortunately the meds taste horrid and give the patient stomach cramps so he gets really pissed when we give him the meds three times a day.
  3. I go back to work on Monday. I’m looking forward to being back at work because I miss the routine and just being at work but I’ve heard (and seen) that my class has been less than stellar so Monday probably won’t be a super-happy-yeah-ms. abby’s-back kind of day. It’s going to be more of a oh-crap-we’re-in-so-much-trouble-we’re-lucky-if-we-even-hear-the-word-recess-again kind of day.
  4. School is out May 29. Which means there are only 29 days left of school. And one of those days is the end of the year field trip. One is the student coucil field trip. One is the class picnic. One is 8th grade graduation and one is kindergarten graduation. So it’s only 24 days left of teaching. But who’s counting?
  5. I’m working on a sweater for a friend’s baby. It’s almost done and I am really liking the yarn. I think I may have to make Lexi a sweater out of the same stuff.
  6. We met with our social worker today for our first post-placement report. And surprise, surprise there’s more paperwork.
  7. Yesterday I took both kids, by myself, to a friend’s house. It felt very grown-up to be dealing with a toddler and an infant and not losing my cool – even when the toddler pooped in her pants twice and the infant started scream while I was cleaning up the toddler.
  8. I’m really tired. My bedtime has officially moved from sometime around 11 to 9:15. Which means I’m up way past my bedtime.
  9. It’s spring. Windows can be open. Sun is shining and I can wear sandals again.

More Randomness

March 10th, 2009

I’m guessing until we leave these posts are going to be filled with random thoughts and ramblings. Sorry.

1. I won! Okay, I hardly ever win anything. But I entered a blog give away on Infinita Diversidade and I won. My package (from Brazil) arrived today. I had completely forgotten about it because it took over a month to get here (cuz, you know, it was coming from Brazil). I’m excited about this loot. Check it out:
My Winnings
There’s a big pile of fat quarters, 3 different colors of felt, floss, beads, a handmade birthday card, really cool lace/trim, thread, buttons and ribbon. Plus, the little tan bag with the teapots is actually a bag containing an apron that she made.

Apron from my Winnings

2. We left tonight (in a mini snow storm, mind you) to run errands. We needed to go to REI, IKEA and Target. We got to the exit of REI and guess who threw up, again, for the second time since Friday? So we pulled over, cleaned up Lexi and headed back home. Where she threw up again. Blech. Although now she’s watching Veggie Tales and demanding water and food. I’m thinking she’ll be fine.

3. My lesson plans, preping everything the sub will need, photocopies, and supplies are all ready to go. The finished copies of the lesson plans and classroom routines ended up being somewhere between 75-100 pages. It’s amazing how much you need to tell a person to in order to leave them in charge of 21 kindergarteners. My room is almost cleaned out as well. Only things that still need cleaning belong to the kids so they will be cleaning on Monday and Tuesday.

4. It’s hard to believe that in 10 days we will go from a family of 3 to a family of 4.

The Kindergarten Class and the Glue Sticks: A story.

October 24th, 2008

Last Friday the kindergarten class was working on a project that required glue sticks. About 100 glue sticks are kept in a bucket on a shelf, the class is free to get a glue stick and use as needed. All the kindergarteners were working quietly in their seats, cutting and gluing away. And at clean-up time glue sticks were being returned to the bucket, with caps on (very impressive). Then it happened. On one of the tables was a giant purple smear. Not an oops-my-glue-sticks-went-off-the-paper smear but a creation of purple, an entire glue stick devoted to this work of art. I asked the class who did it and this pain in the butt kid named Not Me was apparently the culprit. So, I collected all the remaining glue sticks and declared that there would be no more glue stick use until the artist fessed up.

A week went by. A week of me planning fake glue stick activities just so I could give them all the instructions only to end it with “but we can’t do this fun project because we don’t have our glue sticks back yet.”

Today we had another project and this one the class really wanted to do. As I got to the part about not doing it due to lack of glue stick privillages one student raised his hand and asked, “Can we just sit here until the person who did it tells you? I really want to use the glue sticks again.” The rest of the class agreed this was a good plan. And so we sat. For 10 minutes.

10 minutes of students saying, begging, pleading, with the guilty party to just come forward. And she denied it up and down.

Finally another student shouts out, “Do you want to get into heaven? Because if you do you have to tell the truth. If you keep lying, they aren’t letting you in!”

And apparently, all it takes is a little religious guilt. Because the guilty party confessed, told the class she was wrong for lying and using glue the wrong way and promised not to do it again.

And with that the glue sticks were returned and all is right in the world again.

Two Cute Kid Posts.

October 12th, 2008

Post #1.

Lexi got her hands on my camera. Here’s the world through Lexi’s eyes:

The Laptop


Lines on the living room floor

Speak and Mazie (or at least part of them)

The living room ceiling – I think she was laying on the floor when she took this.

A Conversation with Lexi

September 7th, 2008

Lexi: Do you know which one is my favorite bobo?

Me: No. Which one?

L: I like Whistle.

M: Who’s Whistle?

L: (Pointing to Mazie) It’s this one, right here. This is Whistle.

M: You changed Mazie’s name to Whistle?

L: Yes.

M: Kev. Lexi changed Mazie’s name to Whistle.

L: No. This is Mazie not Whistle.

Kev: I’m going to go run an errand.

M: Okay, bye.

L: Is daddy going to Ninevah?

M: No. He’s going to the Hansens’.

L: Oh. Which way is Tarshish?

M: I’ m not sure.

L: It’s that way. (Pointing to her left) and Ninevah is that way (pointing to her right)

M: Okay. Are you going to Ninevah?

L: No. Whistle is going.

M: I thought her name is Mazie.

L: No. It’s Whistle.

M: Okay.

L: Speak is a baracuda.

M: No, he’s a dog.

L: No. He’s an animal. He’s a baracuda.

M: Well, I think he’s a dog.

L: Um, no. Can I get down from the table now?

M: Okay.

L: Jonah does a good job listening.

M: Lexi, do you have poop in your pull-up?

L: No, I just have a fart in my pull-up and you can’t see it so don’t look.

M: I wasn’t planning on looking.

L: I’m going to ride my moose. (riding her moose, singing) Bald women, du-pah-chish, du-pah-chish.

I could keep going with this, but you get the idea of what life with Lexi is like. This conversation took place in about a 5 minute period. She’s now bouncing on the couch singing several songs at once. I think it’s the ever popular Jonah was a Prophet/Every Step I Take/The Breakfast Time Song/Bald Women/God is so Big medley.

Things Lexi Enjoys Doing.

July 1st, 2008

Here’s a short list of the things Lexi has done in the past week.

Note: If you are one of those people who can’t tolerate kids being kids and making a mess and doing gross things then just stop reading.

  1. Discovered the joys of eating playdough. (Really she discovered the joy of playdough and then she learned how great it tastes.)
  2. Ate dog food. And declared it good.
  3. Played with bubbles in the sink. This resulted in a wet shirt, wet pants, water on the counter top (read: flood), soaking wet kitchen rug, and one happy kid.
  4. Found the dog food that spilled a couple weeks ago and ate it.
  5. Mixed playdough and water. (I didn’t see it, but I’m guessing she sampled some of the water.)
  6. Mixed orange juice into her playdough-water cocktail. Sampled it. This is declared gross.
  7. Poured orange juice into a bowl of raisins to make “cereal”.
  8. Used markers to color a picture on paper and then her hands, face and arms.
  9. Smeared sour cream all over her face because she was “shaving like daddy.”
  10. Couldn’t reach handles on the sink so she filled her cup with water from the toilet.
  11. Dipped her bagel into orange juice.
  12. Dipped carrots into milk.
  13. Dipped wheat thins into water.
  14. Okay, really she just dips whatever is in her hand into whatever is in her cup. At lunch is was PBJ sandwich in water.
  15. Dumped about 4000 foam cut outs from my kindergarten art supplies onto the floor so she could look at them.
  16. Took the orange juice container from the fridge and tried to pour herself a glass of OJ – in the living room.
  17. Discovered she could climb onto the counter tops and reach the cupboard where the snacks are kept.
  18. Spends at least 20 minutes a day chasing Mazie up and down the hallway screaming “I’m gonna get ya!”

So that’s been my summer. How’s your summer going?