Some Dork Turned His Tweets Into A Book (and you could win the book)

May 4th, 2010

And the winners are: The Schroeders and Jessica. Congrats.


The dork is my husband and the book is a collection of tweets about adoption, the kids, water, and life. And I’ve got 2 books to give away.

And the best part for every book that is purchased $2 will be donated to charity:water to build a well in Ethiopia.

Here’s how to win a copy of the book:

1. Leave a comment. Yep. That’s it.
2. If you tweet/facebook/blog about the give away, leave a second comment (with a link to where you posted it) and you get a second entry.
3. Donate to charity:water. For every dollar you donate, you’ll get another entry ($5=5 entries). Come back here and let me know you donated – we’re going on the honor system here people. If you don’t want to share how much you donated just e-mail me abbyhendricks at gmail dot com and I’ll put the appropriate number of entries in the hat.

Entries close on May 10th at 5 pm CST. Winners will be drawn by Lexi and Milo.

Good Luck!

Bald Birthday Benefit

May 16th, 2009

Kevin is turning 30 in June and has not cut his hair since his last birthday. Last year he shaved his head on his birthday to raise money for our adoption. This year he’s shaving his head to raise money for charity:water. The goal is $600. $600 will give 30 people clean water and give 30 people life.

I’ve talked a lot about water on my blog. And know that I’ve seen first hand what it means to not have clean water it’s that much more important to do something about it.

1.1 billion people don’t have access to clean water or sanitation. (That’s 1 out of every 6 people.)

Unclean water and lack of sanitation causes 80% of sickness. And it’s killed more people every year than all forms of violence, including war.

5400 children die every day from lack of clean water.

And more personal

Milo came home with giardia, probably from drinking the water. Giardia can kill babies in Ethiopia. That nasty little parasite doesn’t let them keep food in their stomachs.

Kevin got sick in Ethiopia and was down for about 2 days from the water. Probably from getting a little in his mouth in the shower or using a bowl that had been rinsed in the tap water.

We watched men and women haul 5 gallon jerry cans to the river to bring water home. Have you ever tried to lift and carry 5 gallons of water? Try it and let me know how far you make it. I bet it’s not 3 miles.

Many families make the heart-breaking decision to relinquish their kids for adoption because they know that the water can kill them.

Water is life.

$600 to give 30 people water to give 30 people life.

Chicken and Fries. With Ice Cream.

October 16th, 2008

Kevin is homeless tonight. He and a bunch of people from church are sleeping outdoors at the Fair Grounds to raise money for homeless shelters.

Lexi and I dropped him of just before dinner. Here was our conversation in the car as we were pulling away.

Lexi: What’s Daddy doing?

Me: He’s going to sleep outside tonight.

L: Daddy’s not home?

Me: Nope, not tonight.

L: Oh. (long pause) Okay. Let’s go get Chicken and fries and then when my chicken and fries are all gone I can eat ice cream. Chocolate ice cream with chocolates on top.

Me: That’s what you think we should have for dinner?

L: Yes. Daddy’s not home. We’ll go get chicken and fries.

And that’s when I realized that I need to stop taking her to Culver’s when Kevin is out of town (or sleeping outside). But she thoroughly enjoyed her chicken and fries and ice cream. And then fell asleep at 7:10.

Two Cute Kid Posts.

October 12th, 2008

Post #2.

Lexi and Daddy.

Piggy-back rides.

piggyback 1

A Few Valentine’s Day Thoughts

February 14th, 2008

What Kevin and I did for Valentine’s Day (because I know you are dying to know):

Nothing. But we never make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day.

What the Kindergarten class did for Valentine’s Day:

We made a banner for the school secretary listing all the reasons we thought she was great. (The list included reason’s like “she gives us band-aids”, “she helps us when we are in trouble”, “she tells us if we have inside or outside recess”). We hung them outside her office, asked her come out to the hallway and said “surprise.”

What the rest of the school did for Valentine’s Day:

When 98% of the school is Somali and 100% of the school is Muslim, Valentine’s Day is not a holiday that most of the families celebrate – honestly, I don’t think the kids really knew what it was until we talked about. We tend not to focus on the love part, we put most of the emphasis on appreciating someone or friendship.

Anyway, most of the classes made Valentine’s for their reading buddies or for other teachers and delivered them throughout the day.

Best reaction to a Valentine:

When Maryama (6th grade) delivered a card to Mohamed (kindergarten), Mohamed, in the most dramatic voice imaginable, yelled for the whole room to hear, “Oh man! I can’t believe I got one from a girl!”

My three favorite valentines:

From Warda:
“I appreciate you because I like the way you to your class.”

From Mumtaz:
Deer Ms. Abby Thank you fore teaching me how to rite gud end teeching hou to reed iksrshen. Lev Mumtaz*

*translation: Dear Ms. Abby, Thank you for teaching me how to write good and teaching how to read English. Love Mumtaz (Mumtaz was in my kindergarten class last year)

From Hafsa:
Dear Ms. Abby Your very nice and won I was at kinnagrden you was nice to me I was happy and you clas is nice and you are nice alway I wish i was in kinnagrden. Hafsa*

Dear Ms. Abby You’re very nice and when I was at kindergarten you was nice to me I was happy and you class is nice and you are nice always. I wish I was in kindgarten. Hafsa. (again, one of my girls from last year)

So, that was my Valentine’s Day. How was yours?

Happy New Year or I Don’t Make Resolutions

December 31st, 2007

It’s about 4 hours away from 2008. Lexi’s asleep in bed, Kevin is in California and I’m in my pajamas blogging and doing laundry. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Funny thing is, I never even considered finding someplace to hang out and ring in the New Year. It just seemed like way too much work and a really long night. Lexi and I did go to Target and she wished lots of people a Happy New Year.

As for the tradition of New Year’s Resolutions, I gave that up a long time ago. Partly because I would either a.) quit my resolution 20 minutes into the new year or b.) make it something ridiculously easy like not letting my car get to empty before putting gas in it. I don’t remember when I stopped making resolutions but I do remember what my last official New Year’s Resolution was. My former boss (read: nutcase) forced us all to make resolutions and share them with everyone. My resolution was that I was never again going to make resolutions.

A couple of years ago I did make a list of 50 Before 50. And I’m not doing too bad on it. At last count I’ve done 17 out of the 50. I’ll let you see if you can figure out which ones I’ve done. A couple of them just won’t happen – we caved and got cell phones, I won’t be starting a kindergarten program at my daycare because I don’t work their anymore ( I teach kindergarten, does that count?) and I won’t be finishing grad school (if you haven’t heard why I quit and really want to know, e-mail me).

Here’s what I’m looking forward to in 2008:
1. Turing 30. I think when you are 30 that’s when you officially become a grown-up. Or something like that.
2. Watching Lexi go from toddler to preschooler.
3. Bringing home our baby from Ethiopia.
4. Traveling to Ethiopia.
5. Seeing how much my kindergarten class has changed from September to June (and believe me, this group has gone through huge changes.)
6. Starting another school year.
7.Painting a few more rooms in my house.
8.Friends from far away places moving closer to home.
9. Kevin coming home from California.

Happy New Year.

Stupid Sick

December 28th, 2007

Christmas Eve Lexi got sick – the gross, throwing up all over, all she wants is to be held kind of sick. Christmas morning she seemed to be doing better – just tired. Then on the way home she got sick again. The car still has a funky smell. Well, I think I caught whatever she had because last night I spent most the night in the bathroom. (I’ll spare you the details). I’m feeling a little better – but not “good” by any stretch of the imagination. Kevin was supposed to leave for LA tomorrow to write an article on a conference out there. Right now, he’s in bed sleeping after canceling his flight, etc.

Stupid sick.

Adoption Is More Common Than You Think

November 5th, 2007

Kevin has blogged a lot about the common-place-ness (is that a word?) of adoption. Once we started this journey I felt like I was seeing and hearing about adoption everywhere. And international adoption seemed to pop up all over the place. I feel like I can’t go anywhere without seeing a set of parents pushing kids in strollers, carrying babies in slings, etc and it’s very obvious that the children are not biological. I don’t know if it’s just a common thing here in Twin Cities or if it’s all over, but it’s very reassuring to know that when I go to the mall or out to eat our kids will see other families that look like ours.

Adoption Awareness Month

November 1st, 2007

November is Adoption Awareness Month and if you haven’t heard the news, we’re adopting! For the month of November Kevin and I will be blogging about adoption. We are doing this for several purposes. First, to keep you updated on the process of our adoption, how we are doing/feeling about and to answer any questions you may have about our adoption. Second, we do want to raise awareness about adoption.

Some things you should know about our adoption – we want you to ask questions. If we think it’s too personal, we will simply tell you that – but really, there’s not much we don’t want to talk about. We are adopting from Ethiopia through Children’s Home Society. We have been talking to Lexi about a new baby coming from Ehtiopia but she has no clue what is going on. Our adoption will be as “open” as possible, meaning we may get a chance to meet some of our child’s birth family and they may or may not want on-going contact.

And just a note about these blogs. Kevin’s blogs will be well thought out, probably pretty educational and gramatically correct. Mine, well, mine won’t be. Mine will probably be typed with Lexi climbing all over me, kindgarteners resting on their mats and my blogs tend to ramble and follow my train of thought – which derailed a long time a go.

A few lists

July 7th, 2007

It seems everyone is doing lists on their blogs lately. (It’s a good think nobody tried to peer pressure me in high school or I would have been screwed.)

So here is a little of me, in list form.
1. I was born in MIlwaukee
2. I moved to Green Bay with 3 weeks left of 8th grade.
3. It was tramatic.
4. I met a kid named Josh.
5. He loaned me a pen.
6. He was the only other person from my high school who went to Bethel.
7. He and Kevin were roommates freshman year.
8. I married Kevin.
9. I lived in Green Bay.
10. This does not make me a Packer fan.
11. It doesn’t even make me a football fan.
12. Although I enjoyed the day off of school when they won the Superbowl.
13. I like hockey.
14. Specifically the Detroit Redwings.
15. Kevin is from Detroit.
16. He likes hockey as much as I do.
17. I liked the Wings before I met Kevin.
18.I’m a teacher.
19. I like to teach in places most people don’t.
20. Right now I’m teaching kindergarten.
21. My kindergarteners have taught me how to speak Somali.
22. I can count to 20 and say about 10 words in Somali.
23. I have a daughter.
24. Her name is Madeleine.
25. We spelled her name the same way Madeleine L’Engle spells her name.
26.We call her Lexi.
27. I own almost all of L’Engle’s books.
28. I own a lot of books.
29. Really, it’s a lot.
30. I own a book signed by Ceasar Millan.
31. I waited in line for 2 hours to have it autographed.
32. He made it out to Speak and Maize.
33. It’s supposed to say Speak and Mazie.
34. I train dogs part time so it was cool to meet Ceasar.
35. He’s really short.
36. If I hadn’t married Kevin I’d probably be a crazy dog lady.
37. If I had my way, I’d have at least 5 dogs.
38. I’m lucky I have 2.
39.I’m re-reading all 6 Harry Potter books before #7 gets delivered to my house.
40.I’m only on book 1.
41. Book 7 will arrive July 21.

More lists to come.
Thanks for playing.