Stupid Plumbing

September 3rd, 2007

Something happened to our plumbing that is probably going to require a professional to fix. When you take a shower or bath in any bathroom in the house the toilet in the downstairs bathroom leaks and water bubbles up into the tub in that same bathroom. The water doesn’t come out of the toilet bowl, it comes out underneath the toilet. And I know it’s the water draining from the showers because it’s sometimes a little soapy, it’s warm and it’s clear (I dyed the toilet water blue to make sure it wasn’t leaking from the bowl). We think the wax seal under the toilet is cracked and that there is a possible clog somewhere forcing the water to re-route to under the toilet. Whatever it is, until it’s fixed we have to mop up the bathroom every time we take a shower.

Normally stuff like house repairs don’t frustrate me but they always seem to happen around the same time as other major expenses. We were hoping to put in a fence this month but I guess that will have to wait. And we have to pay for the pre-adoption class and home study (which is not cheap) so paying for a plumber is the last thing on my list of fun things to do.

The Kitchen is Yellow

July 7th, 2007

Sort of. Today we decided to paint the kitchen. The paint has been sitting in the basement since Memorial Day so we’ve just been putting it off. Anyway, after lunch I got started edging one of the bigger walls thinking it would be the only one I got done before Lexi woke up from her nap. After Kevin put Lexi to bed (the 2 of them had been outside in the kiddie pool) he came to help me and we managed to get everything done except for the walls behind the appliances. We even managed to get two coats on everything and the color went on really well so I don’t think we’ll need a third coat. w00t. anyway, so once the kitchen’s done all that’s left is Lexi’s closet doors and touching up places where I bumped the ceilings. Then we are done painting for a while. Although, we’re only stopping because we can’t decided on colors for any other rooms in the house.

Lexi’s room

June 10th, 2007

My last day of work was Friday and it was a half day so I was home by about 12:30. My plan was to move the bookshelves and toys out of Lexi’s room so I could start painting on Saturday. Well, I was a little more motivated than I thought. I put her down for a nap in the library, taped off her room and edged everything while she was sleeping. I even managed to get both coats of the edging done during that nap. She woke up around 4 so I had to stop. I made dinner and ran to Kohl’s (to get picture frames for the bathroom I just finished painting) and a drop cloth for Lexi’s room. After she went to bed I got the first coat on the walls. And Saturday afternoon I got the second coat on and touched up the few spots I missed. After we finished eating dinner everything was dry enough to put her room back together. I still need to get the ceiling paint out and cover up all the places I bumped the ceiling, her closet doors are going to be painted (they will still be white) and I found these decal things that you can stick to the walls that I need to put up, but I am waiting until later this week because I want to make sure the paint it truly dry before sticking something to it.

I put up a few before and after pictures on flickr ( and after I hang pictures in the bathroom I’ll put those up too. The photos of Lexi’s room don’t really do the green justice. The walls are the same color as the green screen they use in the movies.

Memorial Day Weekend

May 28th, 2007

Here’s how I spent Memorial Day Weekend:

Staff development day at work and I was sick. I went into work at 7:30 got done what needed to be done (which means my disaster of a classroom still needs to be cleaned but I’ll make the kids do that on Tuesday.) and went home by 10:00.
Slept from 10:00 – 12:00. When I woke up I thought I was feeling better so I went to Home Depot to buy paint. While waiting for the paint I realized I did not feel better so I came home and went to bed until dinner time. Kevin and his mom took Lexi for a walk and I spent the evening watching Law and Order re-runs and then went back to bed.

Woke up feeling better for real. Around 11:00 decided to tear the wallpaper off the bathroom walls. The wallpaper came off pretty easy – the glue, well, not so much.
Saturday night Kevin’s mom babysat and Kevin and I went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner and saw Pirate’s of the Caribean 3. (Not a bad movie – not as good as the first, but way better than the second.)

Went to church. Came home and tried to wash the glue off the bathroom walls. That sucked. And made my arms hurt. Then we went to REI and out to dinner. When we got home I spackled all the holes in the wall, taped everything off and cleaned up the bathroom a little bit.

Painted the bathroom blue. It looks pretty good, but it’s still all torn apart so I think it will look better once we put everything back together. I’ll post before and after pictures on flikr once it’s all done.

I (heart) Menards

April 24th, 2007

About 15 seconds after we moved in I went to Home Depot to get paint colors. I don’t have an particular loyalty to Home Depot or their paints, but it’s where we got all the paint for the old house so I started with what was familiar. Home Depot has a decent selection of paint colors to chose from and their color samples are on pretty big cards. Their colors are about 1 inch high and 4 inches across. Not too bad.

Today I decided to branch out and go to Menards. Their paint department is about 3 times bigger than Home Depot and a bunch of their paint colors come on these cool 3×6, peel and stick cards. Plus their display lighting seemed to be a little less flourecent-y. When I came home and looked at the colors again, there wasn’t too much “that’s not what I thought it was in the store.”

Plus Lexi thouroughly enjoyed wandering around the paint department saying “hi” to everyone who was waiting to have colors mixed.


April 21st, 2007

Right now our house is painted 3 colors: white, lilac, and baby-boy blue. One room has wall paper that is shinny and another room has one wall of a white on white wallpaper. So, the wall paper has to come out, the lilac needs to go, and the other rooms just need some color.

Personally, I enjoy picking out paint colors and doing the actual painting. Kevin on the other hand, well, not so much. But he humors me and looks at the stacks of color samples I bring home from the hardware store on a regular basis.

I’ve narrowed down a few rooms and have some ideas for a few others. The kitchen is going to be yellow. The color I like is called Lemon Sorbet (I find the color names very entertaining.) It’s basically a nice, bright yellow. Lexi’s room is going to be Apple Orchard green, like a granny smith apple only a little more muted. The bathroom on the main floor is going to be blue. I haven’t found the right color for that room, but I want to be something close to the way the ocean looks on brochures for places like Hawaii and the Bahamas. I’ve decided to go with a beach/seashore theme for that room. Tonight I came up with the idea of painting the family room purple, but a purple with a lot of red in it – more like raspberry. I haven’t told Kevin yet and I think that might take some convincing. I keep thinking I want to paint our bedroom brown, but everytime I look at the brown color samples, nothing really says “bedroom” to me. They all look like living room or dining room colors. I think our bathroom is going to be a very light brown – more along the lines of khaki. And I don’t know what color to paint the library, but I do know that I want to pick something that feels very calm and relaxing. Kevin’s office is up to him. His last office was bright blue and an orange called Flame so we’ll see what he decides to do this time.

I’m hoping to get colors picked out in the next month so that I can spend a lot of time painting this summer. Anyone who likes to paint is welcome to come help. Anyone who doesn’t like to paint is welcome to come and hang out with me while I paint. I don’t mind if I don’t get the whole house done this summer, I’m not even attempting to do that. I want to get the kitchen, Lexi’s room and the bathroom done.

It should be interesting trying to paint with a toddler and 2 dogs “helping”. I’ll let you know how it goes.


April 13th, 2007

If you are interested, I uploaded a bunch of pictures of the new house to our flickr site. (It’s late and I don’t have the code memorized to make a fancy little link. You’ll just have to make do with copy and paste.)

The pictures are sort of in order as if you were walking through the house and I put a bunch of notes on them, just for fun.

Also, if you have any suggestions for paint colors or decorating ideas, let me know. Everything in this house right now is either white or very pale. Or incredibly ugly wallpaper. I’m not going to do much to it until summer when I have a little more free time, but until then, I am open to suggestions.

All I have so far is that I think I want to paint Lexi’s room green – probably a bright color to go with the whole flowers/garden/bug theme I have going in there. I also think I want to paint the kitchen a yellow, not a super bright yellow, but more of an orangy-yellow.

So, that’s our new house. If you want a real tour, feel free to come visit.

Tomorrow’s the Big Day

April 1st, 2007

Everything in our house is in boxes. And the boxes are piled in every room. All that is left to do is wait until tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be busy. Pick up the truck at 8. Close on our house at 9. Close on the new house at 11. Go back to the old house and load the truck. Drive over to the new house and unload the truck. Then we start the whole fun game of unpacking and figuring out where to put everything.

Good thing I’m on spring break this week.

Packing Packing Packing

March 4th, 2007

We started packing up the basement and are about 2/3 of the way done with that. Tonight I started on our books. I packed up all the books in the dining room and living room which is 15 boxes total. But we still haven’t packed the books in our room, Lexi’s room or Kevin’s office.

I’m going to try and finish packing the books tomorrow or Tuesday. Then I’ll start on the pictures and finishing the basement. After that it gets a little harder because we have to start making the decisions of “will we need this in the next month?”

Does anyone enjoy packing? I don’t mind packing things that are all the same – books, dishes, towels, clothes – it’s when I have to start figuring out how to pack all the odds and ends that don’t really fit in a box and I’m not sure what room they are going to go in at the new house, that’s when I stand around and just sort of stare at the room. Oh well. At least I don’t mind unpacking. I actually like doing that.


February 12th, 2007

Well, it’s not officially sold yet, but after a day of negotiating, offers, counter-offers, counter-offers to the counter-offers, the buyers accepted our offer. They will have an inspection done on the house this week and we will close on it in April. So it’s basically sold (basically meaning we can’t consider any other offers made unless these buyers back out before the closing).

Now we have to start the negotiating process all over except this time we are the buyers.