New Clothes from Old Clothes

March 18th, 2012

Last summer my grandma passed away. My grandpa wanted all of her things (clothes, purses, jewelry, shoes) cleaned out as soon as possible. We all took things we thought we’d use but here’s the thing, my grandma shopped. A lot. There are 4 girls in my mom’s family (out of 8). And there are a lot of granddaughters and great-granddaughters. And we all got multiple purses and shoes and clothes and there was a ton left.

I took a few piles of skirts and sweaters that I planned on wearing (what can I say, my grandma had style) and a few piles that I thought I might be able to do something with.

In the last couple weeks I’ve started taking apart the  clothes and making new stuff for Lexi and my niece, Ester (who was named after my grandma).


Any one who knew Grandma will appreciate this: every time I check the pockets of  a piece of clothing, there is a tissue.


So, here’s what I’ve done:
This stylish yellow denim jumper
Became a cute dress for Lexi:


This summer sweater vest:

Became a skirt for Ester.

This was a long smocked skirt my mom made for my grandma.

Now it’s a little tunic dress for Ester.

This was a wrap denim skirt.

Now it’s a wrap skirt for Ester
And the other half is a twirly skirt for Lexi.IMG_2268

These were all fun to make because I didn’t have a pattern to work with – I just played around with the material I had to see what would work. I also tried to use the hems that were already there, buttons or zippers that were in place. I added some bias tape to the yellow dress, some fun lace and patches to the denim skirts, but that’s basically it. And they don’t take long at all. I did the yellow dress and the two denim skirts this afternoon.

(Sorry for the sideways pictures. Every time I tried to turn them, the computer flipped them back.)


December 11th, 2010

I’ve gotten back into the groove of sewing/knitting/crocheting again.

Here’s what we’ve been working on:

An itty-bitty baby sweater.


A slightly bigger baby sweater.


A baby sling.

A little girl’s dress. (Yeshumesh did most the work on this one.)

#27 Knitting Update

November 27th, 2010

We’re packing to leave tomorrow.

12 hours in the car, again. Blech. Although the kids did great on the way here.

Today 2 are sick and crabby and 1 is just crabby. I’ll let you figure out who’s who.

The sweater I’m working on is not going as smoothly as I’d hoped.

Apparently the sleeves hate me and we’ve needed to have strong words.

I’ve done some swearing and the sweater has gotten revenge by unraveling 5 or 6 stitches in the middle of the garment leaving me no choice but to continue swearing and unravel several rows to repair it.

Well, I guess the strong language and threatening to turn it into a dishrag was not appreciated either so the sweater left some gaping holes needing repair work.

More swearing.

Retaliation came in the form of knitting where there should be purling and purling where their should be knitting.

More swearing, threats, and a “don’t make me get out my crochet hooks”.

Well, that seemed to work because now the stitches are marching in nice, straight little rows and looking exactly like what a sleeve should look like.

Hopefully I can post pictures when I get home. I’m thinking as long as we continue to see eye to eye, I should be able to finish during the trip tomorrow.

#25 Turkey, Knittting and Cats

November 25th, 2010

Finished Thanksgiving dinner a few hours ago. Ate my weight in stuffing and mashed potatoes and apple pie. I’m now working on “dinner” which is a glass of pop and pretzel m&m’s.

Plans for the rest of the weekend include opening Christmas presents tomorrow (yep, two holidays, one weekend. That’s just the way we roll around here.) taking the girls to see Tangled. Leaving all three kids with the grandparents and running away on Saturday with Kevin and going out to dinner with the great-grandparents. Great-papa prefers places that serve steak and potatoes….mmmmm…..steak……

I’ve been working on a sweater for my niece. I started it on our drive and knit for about 7 hours in the car. I thought it was going to take me a few weeks to finish but I should have it done by the end of the weekend. I’ve got the sleeves and the edging left to do. I used the homespun yarn from Lion Brand and I’m pretty impressed with how the self-stripping has worked out. I’m using the pattern from the book Knit for Good. (Buy the book only if you are looking for ways to do knitting projects for charity. The book is mostly inspiration on knitting for others – only a few patterns. But the patterns in it are quick, easy and look impressive when finished.)

Stupid cats. Stupid cat allergies. Cat’s not even in the house and I can’t stop sneezing. This is reason #873 that I am a dog person.

#20 A new sweater

November 20th, 2010

My mom gave me this sweater.
I love the way it looks and the way it fits but a pure white sweater in a kindergarten room just doesn’t work. Also, the white was very proper looking and I’m just not that proper.

So, I filled my sink with this:

Tossed in the sweater:

Stirred it around for a while:
(Listened to my daughter freak out about how I was ruining a perfectly good and fancy sweater)

It’s getting there:

Now, I have a really cute blue/gray sweater:

The package actually said gun smoke gray. I was hoping for a more steel gray color but this blue color is not bad. I’ll probably wear it a few times and then decide if it needs another dip in the sink of death, as Kevin was calling it.

#19 Water for Christmas

November 19th, 2010

The gift giving season is here.

A $20 gift of water can save a person’s life.

This year, the Water4Christmas etsy shop is looking for crafty type people to stock it’s shelves.

If you can knit, sew, crochet, bead, paint, sculpt, etc, etc, etc, and you’d like to donate your work, go here for the details.

Last year, charity:water was able to build two wells with the $10000 raised from store.

I made these:

What can you make?

#12 Crafty Inspiration

November 12th, 2010

I was shopping a few weeks ago and saw a very cute pair of jeans.
Problem is, I don’t pay $179 for a pair of jeans – I don’t care how cute they are.
So I’ve decided to cute up a couple pairs of my older, worn out jeans. I haven’t exactly decided what I’m going to do but I think it’s going to involve crocheting a few granny squares (or circles), some ribbon and a fun buttons and seeing what comes of it.

I’ve also realized I need much smaller crochet hooks to accomplish this – anyone have the teeny-tiny lace hooks (the 2mm size) that they don’t want anymore?

P.S. If you’ve noticed, I decided not to throw in the towel.

#4 I need to make something.

November 4th, 2010

Last year, I made so much stuff. Baby slings, hats, baby sweaters, a sock (yeah, never got around to making a pair.), jewelry, all sorts of stuff.

It sort of fizzled out for a while – mainly because Lexi started napping in the guest room which is also my sewing spot and since it’s easiest to sew when the kids aren’t “helping” (read “running with pins and scissors”) I haven’t made much lately.

I did start a sweater. But I’ve torn it out twice. The goal is to get it done before Christmas. I also want to make matching Christmas stockings for the kids. (That needs to be done before St. Nick comes on December 6.)

I made Lexi’s halloween costume. She was Tianna from “The Princess and the Frog”. I’m pretty impressed with myself. I think if I would have splurged for decent fabric (I bought the cheap costume stuff) it would have looked a lot better but Lexi loved it and it fit her perfectly so we’re both happy.

Maybe the need to make something means it’s time to try something new…maybe this is the year I figure out how to make mittens.

I found time to sew something.

July 16th, 2010

This summer has been insanely busy with appointments and paperwork and getting ready for our daughter to come home.
It also means my plans of relaxing and spending my afternoons sewing went out the window.
A couple days ago I was wearing my “I Sing in My Car” t-shirt. Lexi said she wanted one. Lucky for her, I have 3. So I cut up one shirt and refashioned it into a tank-top for her.
It took about 45 minutes and it’s not perfect – next time I’ll have a better handle on what to do.
I was going for a punk/rock n roll look so I left the edges raw.



And our matching shirts:

The directions for those of you who want to try it:
What you’ll need:
One adult size t-shirt
One tank top that fits your child (to use as a pattern)
Sewing machine

1. Lay the adult t-shirt flat. Cut up the side seams so you have one piece of material connected by the neck hole.
2. Lay the tank top on top of the front panel. Cut around the tank top, leaving about 1/2 inch seam allowance.
3. Repeat for the back of the shirt – lay the tank top on the back and cut around.
4. Cut off the hems of the original shirt (bottom of the shirt and neck.)
5. The ribbing from the neck makes the binding for the top of the tank top – sew that on the front and back now.
6. The hem of the shirt makes the binding for the arm holes and the straps. sew that on now, leaving 5+ inches at the top to create the straps.
7. Sew the front and back of the shirt together.
8. Measure desired length for the straps and either a) sew them together or b) tie them.
9. Sew a new hem around the bottom of the shirt.
10. Done.

Copper Boom supports charity:water

January 9th, 2010

I’ve updated my etsy shop. Which means to exciting things have happend.

1. I have discovered that making jewelry is more fun than I first thought.

2. Copper Boom is now supporting charity:water. I will be paying myself what it cost to buy the supplies for the product. The rest of the money will go to charity:water. And, just so everyone knows, many, many, many of the items I make are from supplies I’ve gotten for free which means 100% of the sales from over half the items will go to charity:water.

Happy shopping.