Ugh! Please Don’t Make Me Do Math! or Shameless Begging for Your Support

July 3rd, 2012

I’m starting a new job this fall. I’m moving up from the world of kindergarten to the big leagues of second grade. I have taught second grade for exactly one day. I was a substitute, and if I remember correctly, I think it was only half a day. Whatever. Second grade is going to be awesome. I have a general idea of what second-graders can do, but I have no idea what my specific class can handle. This is a rare summer. I’d like to be done with vacation and back in the classroom, just to see what they can do.

When I met with the building principal she mentioned that math was an area the school struggles in….there is additional support for the reading program but not for math (yet).

Here’s where the begging begins. I have set up a donors choose project. I’m hoping to get piles of math manipulatives, math puzzles, math activities to work on when other work is completed, math games, and anything else that can be used to supplement the math program when it is not specifically math time. I set up math in stations that teach the same concept in various ways so everyone can pick the way that works best for them. So, everyone has to learn subtraction. Everyone gets to pick from the following stations….hula hoops and bean bags (to subtract the number of bags in the hoop from the number out of the hoop), number lines large enough to hop on, number bond cards, puzzles with math facts, manipulatives to show the work visually, worksheets for those who need the paper and pencil approach, dry erase boards to quiz themselves with….everyone picks the style that fits them the best. But in order to do that, I need stuff….lots of stuff.

So, here’s my project:

If you click on the link, there are two ways you can help…

1. Consider donating. Everyone who donates gets a personal thank you note from my class.

2. Consider repostng. Anywhere. Everywhere. Facebook, blogs, Twitter. I figure the more people who see it, the better the chance I have on getting the whole thing funded.

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