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September 25th, 2011

The running thing is still happening. It’s slowed down more than I like due to school starting…just need to get into a new routine. I am signed up to run a 5k at the end of October and there is another one in the works for spring of 2012.

Lexi is in kindergarten now. Finally. She loves it. And I’d like to apologize to parents everywhere for the cutesy, sing-song things I teach your children that they come home saying all day long.

My school year is back in full swing. We are currently stuck in limbo while we wait for the construction on the new building to be completed. The waiting is not sittign well with a large portion of the student body. The words riot and revolt have been tossed around quite a bit…not by the teachers but to describe the students.

It’s been a crazy month…teaching out of boxes, not having all our supplies, no gym or playground. It’s been a little crazy. However, we are moving this Friday. On Monday, we’ll be in our new classroom. We are on the first floor (no more stairs) and kindgarten has a bathroom in their classroom (no more class trips to the bathroom).

I can’t complain about my class though. I’m nervous to say that they are going to be an easy class (every time I think this, they end up being an insanely difficult class). So far things are going smooth. They take consequences well and seem to learn from their mistakes. They work quietly, follow directions and engage in class discussions. Mostly, they seem very excited to be at school.

Happy September
My birthday was on the 22nd. Since September was/is crazy, Kevin has decided that September is birthday month. I’ve been getting a present a day since September 1st. Fun stuff, coming home or waking up to find a present waiting for me. Lots of fun stuff like books, a mixed CD, magnetic pictures of the kids/family, chocolate in various forms…it’s been good.

We finally painted our bedroom and the office. Our bedroom went from 1980′s lavender with a flower border to a deep wine and grey. Kevin’s office went from white tines with about 6 drops of blue to a dark blue and grey. We rearranged the bedroom, finally bought a bed frame for our bed and it looks so much nicer in here. I still have to paint the bathroom and the closet. I’ll get to that later.

Now, all I need is for things to calm down just a bit. That would be good.

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