Meeting Milo – Day 7-10

March 29th, 2010

Tuesday, March 24 – Friday, March 27

The last 4 days were pretty much a blur, so you get them in one big blog post.

Tuesday was two important things.
1. The Goodbye Ceremony at the Care Center.
2. Our embassy appointment.

The Goodbye Ceremony was a bitter-sweet moment. The nannies love our kids. Love them. And so I’m sure the worst part of their job is handing them to their new parents and watching them walk out the door. But for us, the parents…well, we’re bringing our kids home. No more leaving them at the Care Center.

All the children at the Care Center participate. The toddlers and older sing songs they have learned. The nannies dress in traditional clothes and bring our children down, also in traditional Ethiopian clothing. There is a coffee ceremony and cake. The children who are leaving put their hand print into a book that is kept at the Care Center.
It really is a celebration for the new families being formed.

Milo in traditional Ethiopian ClothesTuesday ET Clothes

Afterwards we headed home for a quick lunch, changed the kids out of their fancy clothes and headed to the embassy.

And, I’ll be honest. The embassy is dull. You go through a pile of security, wait in a stuffy room and just hang out until your name is called. Then you head up stairs for your appointment which takes about 2 minutes. It’s all official and important stuff but it’s government paper work. Plus, I didn’t feel good that afternoon which made it worse.

Back at the guest house, we repeated our activities on Monday. Stare at Milo, play with Milo, take a million pictures of Milo.

Wednesday, March 25

There were no activities planned for that day. Just hanging out with the kids. Which we did. Well, I did. Kevin was sick.

Hanging out outside the small guest house.
Tuesday Outside

Attempting a group shot with 10 kids and 1 big brother.

Tuesday Group

Thursday, March 26

Crazy busy day. Kevin had to go to the CHSFS offices to pick up the embassy paperwork. Suitcases needed to be packed. Carry-ons reorganized. Pictures of Milo needed to be taken. Planes needed to be boarded. We were going home.

What Milo did while we packed.

Tuesday Packing

Saying goodbye to Lily, the guest house dog.

Tuesday Lily

Luggage from 3 of the 9 families in our group. If you’re curious ours were the 3 on the end with the green bag on top. We also had another backpack and carry-on.

Tuesday Luggage

Friday, March 27

Two airplanes, three continents, and 26 hours later, we were home. All four of us were finally together.

Tuesday Family

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