Meeting Milo – Day 6

March 23rd, 2010

Monday, March 23

After Sunday’s emotionally exhausting trip, Monday was a calmer day. After breakfast we went to the Care Center and got to bring the kids back to the guest house with us. It was nice to have him “home” and to take pictures. And yeah, we took a couple hundred that day.

Riding back on the bus.
Monday 1

Hangin’ with Dad. (yeah, he was wearing size 18 months shorts. Right now, he wears size 18 month pants.)
Monday 2

First family picture
Monday 3

Hangin’ with Mom (we changed his clothes…he’s now wearing size newborn)
Monday 4

True to form – he’s asleep.
Monday 5

After lunch we had to bring the kids back to the Care Center. This was probably the hardest drop off. It was one thing to play with him in the living room of the care center and then walk him back upstairs but to take him out and back “home” and then have to bring him back….that was hard.

Later that day we visited a few different places. We went to the National Museum. It was interesting but as one mom said while we were there, “this stuff is nice to look at but really, I just want my baby.” Yeah. Me too.

We visited a hospital. It’s actually the hospital that takes care of any of the sick children from the Care Center.

We visited a school. That part of the day I enjoyed. We got the general tour. The arena. The court yard. The classrooms. And then I started talking to the finance director and he was showing me their storage room, asking me about curriculum, telling me about class sizes…it was a very interesting conversation. Remember how I talked about wanting to teach for a year in Ethiopia.

This is where I picture myself working – Children’s Home Academy
school 1

The arena.
school 2

The court yard surrounded by classrooms.
school 3

A kindergarten classroom. (It’s about a 1/3 of the size of my current classroom but has about 25 kids.)
school 4

Going to check out the supply room.
school 5

The supply room. This was the supply room for the entire school.
school 6

After that we headed home for dinner and to relax.

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