Meeting Milo – Day 1 & 2

March 19th, 2010

March 20th is the day we met our son for the first time and March 27th marks 1 year home as a family of four. I don’t think I really blogged about our trip – in detail. So here it is. Day by day.

March 18th and 19th were spent on a plane. We left our house around 10:30 in the moring to catch a flight from Minneapolis to Washington, D.C. I actually thought leaving Lexi would be tough (and it was a little sad to say good-bye) but I think because at that point she had zero concept of time and we had given her a present she was pretty much “Bye. See you later.” And off we went.

We landed in DC around dinner time and waited for our flight to Ethiopia. We took a “direct” flight. We flew from DC to Ethiopia with one stop in Rome to refuel the plane. They don’t let anyone off the plane because it’s only about 45 minutes or so before you’re back in the air.

We landed in Ethiopia Thursday night around 8ish. Honestly, I have no idea what time it was. It was dark. And we got back to the guest house around 11? That’s about all I remember.

The airport was probably the worst part of the trip. There are guys who work at the airport and will offer to carry luggage for a tip. Not a big deal. Except the guy who tried to help us was completely trying to rip us off. I had gone through customs before Kevin (he was exchanging money) and while I waited for him, I was gathering up our luggage. Between the two of us, we had four huge suitcases, two backpacks and a small carryon suitcase. Anyway, the guy saw me waiting with the luggage and started loading it on a cart. I told him no because my husband was coming and he basically pretended not to hear/understand me. I finally found Kevin and the guy tried to tell us the tip was $5 (american) per bag. Um. No. Luckily we found our guide who works for CHSFS and he told us how much to tip the guy and then told the guy to go away. But it wasn’t a very fun way to start the trip.

Things got much better after that. We headed out to the bus with the rest of our group. Most of us were exhausted from the flight but everyone was still pretty excited because tomorrow morning we were meeting our kids. When we got back to the guest house they had packets of information for us. Itineraries for the week, name tags for at the care center, and updates on our kids.

It was a really good thing that I was completely exhausted because otherwise I would not have been able to sleep. At all.

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  1. Kevin D. Hendricks on March 20, 2010 8:19 am

    One of my favorite parts of the flight over was meeting another couple in our travel group because I was watching How I Met Your Mother. It was the episode that shows the origins of Barney. Michael, sitting a couple rows back and across the aisle, started asking about it. We got to talking and quickly realized we were in the same travel group.

    That and standing at the rear of the plane with the door open, breathing in Italian air before the flight crew told us we couldn’t be there.

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