Culture in a Culture

December 2nd, 2009

The following is an essay written by a middle school student at my school. It was an extra credit assignment. I didn’t correct any of her grammar and the paper feels very stream of conscience when reading it. Take from it what you will.


Culture in a Culture

Different people around the world have different cultures. They act different, dress different and their lifestyles is different. But still there are certain people who have more than one culture such as Somalis or Ethiopians.

In addition, taking a different culture and adding it into your life would be challenging. For instance it will be hard to capture and may take a while. So as a result acting upon two competing cultures would turn your life around. It will produce challenges, experiences, and advantages.

Islam’s followers face a lot of challenges. A challenge that I really face is that people are acting on stereotypes and depending on terrorism. People see Somali people on the streets and say “well, that’s what Somali people are. They stand on the street killing people and not turning themselves in.” But that is not true. I have never killed anyone and never will. Neither did my dad or my mom. I just want people to get through their head that every person us different in different ways. People look at me like I am going to kill them just because I am wearing my scarf. They smile at me but I could still see in their eyes that they think I am a killer. Maybe they have experiences a bad person and say to themselves that maybe everyone is a bad person. But that’s just how life is and I can’t help it but still.

Every challenge itself produces an experience. Every minute in your life you experience something new. You might take it in a negative way or a positive way.

This happens in my life a lot. I always include this in my life and try it myself. Once day I saw this little girl who was pretty jumping down the street. Her big brother jumped inside a basketball court that was closed. I was curious to see the way he made it inside without harming anyone. I tried to try it myself but a police man caught me and brought me back to my house. That night I felt disappointed. My mom came inside my room and asked me why I did that. I told her how curious I was and from that day on I have a very good background experience on not doing everything that other people do. What people do may curious you but it also taught me that at the same time it might disappoint you.

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