NaBloPoMo Post #11: A reminder and a few random things.

November 10th, 2009

First, the reminder:

Don’t forget. This Friday. Everyone who blogs, everyone on twitter, facebook, myspace, forums. Everyone buy your first gift of the season. $10 from everyone can bring clean water to millions of people around the world.

Post this on whatever you use to get the word out. Remember, on Friday, November 13 spend $10. The first gift you buy this year.

A few random things.

  • Conferences are a week from Thursday. My report cards are finished. Comments are written. Files are organized. With over a week to spare. Go me.
  • Sesame Street turned 40. Sesame Street taught my kid what ‘predicament’ means. Happy Birthday.
  • I think we are on round 2 of the flu in my class. The kids that were out sick about 3 weeks ago are now out sick again. It’s nice to have only 12 kids in my class, it gets a little dull. I hope they get better soon. We all miss them.
  • My class got a compliment from the teenagers who hang out in the parking lot near our school. Typically, this group of teenagers is obnoxious, shouting, swearing with no regards to anyone around them. My class walked by and they all agreed that “they are really good and cute and respectful.” Way to go kindergarten.
  • Baking soda and vinegar works really well as an alternative to shampoo. And it’s about a million times cheaper.

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