I’ll admit it, I’ve got a favorite in my class.

October 5th, 2009

Remember my kid who meditates? Well, after being gone for almost 10 days due to a broken arm, he came back today.
And he’s learned to use “air quotes”. Sort of. He air quotes about every 5th word he says. Today he needed to “tell me something”. (yeah he put air quotes on tell me something).

“Ms. Abby”, I was at “home” because I broke my “arm”. My dad brought me to “school” in the “car” today. I can’t ride the “bus” until my “arm” is “better”.

Can’t wait to see what new habit he picks up next week.

One Response to “I’ll admit it, I’ve got a favorite in my class.”

  1. Leah on October 6, 2009 9:55 am

    Ha! When Angela used air quotes for the first time, I about fell over laughing. Between that and “Hello!” having a conversation with her is quite entertaining. It can sound something like this:

    Me: Good morning Angela

    A: Good “morning”!

    me: What would you like for breakfast?

    A: Umm HELLO! “Toast”!

    You get the picture. LOL

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