How’s School Going?

September 5th, 2009

We are now in week 3 of school (week 2 with kids) and things are still going well.

I’ve had 16 consistent kids but I do have 17 on my list. I’m not sure where #17 has been. She’s only been to school 2 of the last 10 days.

Since they’ve gotten a little more comfortable with life in kindergarten they are starting to show their true colors. And so far, it’s not too rough. There are a couple kids who think it’s really fun to speak Somali but I’ve busted them twice for swearing in Somali (because in my 4 years at the school the only Somali I know is a greeting, counting to twenty, a couple colors, mom, dad, teacher and about 15 swear words). And as a bonus, if I don’t bust them, the girls in my class will.

Oh. My. Word. Do I have tattle tales in my class. So far this year I’ve gotten “she’s looking at me”, “he’s coughing at me”, “he said I’m a girl” (and she¬† is a girl), “she said I’m 6″ and my personal favorite “she’s tattling on me”. Tuesday we are doing the lesson on the difference between reporting and tattling. I only want to hear about it if the person is crying, bleeding, or throwing up.

So my girls basically a sweet group. Very shy when it comes to speaking in front of the group but they are good friends with each other and get along together wel, when they aren’t tattling.

Back to my boys. They think they are a group of stand up comedians. I have never seen such class clowns. Everything is a joke or can be made a joke or causes them to break into a fit of giggles. And I usually have to send them to their desks to calm down. Not because they are trying to be disrespectful but because if they look at each other they start giggling again.

Oh, and did I tell you the story of the boy who meditates?

When we work as a group my class sits in a circle on carpet squares. The squares are always out and always in a circle. One of the boys will pull his square into the middle of the circle, sit down in the lotus position, close his eyes, put his hands together like he is praying and say, “oohhmmm” for about 5 seconds. The first time he did it, I tried to correct him and he stuck out one hand and shushed me, then finished his “oohhmmm”. He then moves his carpet square back to the circle and is perfectly behaved. Surprisingly enough none of my kids think this is funny. They just wait for him to be finished and carry on.

Yeah, the meditating kid – totally one of my favorites.

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