First Day of School

August 24th, 2009

Every year the first day of school reminds me of a few things that I tend to block from my brain:

1. Standing for 8 hours hurts. My cute little ballet flats went perfectly with my outfit and I looked really professional but tomorrow it’s back to dressing like a hippy and wearing my chacos or keens with everything.

2. Talking for 8 hours hurts. I always manage to forget how much constant talking I do the first few weeks of school. I spend the whole day saying things like “hands at your sides”, “1-2-3-eyes on me”, and a keep up a constant stream of praises and compliments to reinforce behavior. Note to self: do not forget water bottle tomorrow.

3. The first couple days of school are boring. At least in kindergarten. Kindergarteners, in general, have a healthy fear of their teacher and LOVE school so they will do anything to please their teacher which means until they start getting comfortable in school they spend the first few days following every rule and it takes no effort to keep them on track…which means I don’t have too much to do those first couple day.

My day went well today. This was my first year with a crier. The kid who would not let his dad leave until I had to physically hold him in the classroom while his dad bolted. (Dad’s idea, not mine.) But he got over it pretty quick and by mid-morning was doing fine.

I think the kids are getting smaller. I have a tiny group. They don’t feel much bigger than Lexi.

I rearranged my classroom this year. Really rearranged – moved bulletin boards and everything – and I think it’s going to help with transition times quite a bit. Everything is in arm’s reach of where I am teaching and I finally have a set up where all the kids can see the board from their desks.

13 of my 19 kids showed up today. I know for sure 2 more are coming tomorrow. I hope that all 19 show up by week’s end, I really don’t like having to teach the same lessons over and over to keep teaching the routine as new kids trickle in.

Most of my kids are really quiet so I don’t have a sense of personalities yet. I do have 3 boys who are going to be trouble and probably end up being my favorites.

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