17 days

May 6th, 2009

It’s almost the end of the school year. It’s close enough to the end that we created a count-down chain in our classroom. And every year the same two things happen.

1) I forget how insane children get when they get spring fever and they know summer is coming and they know they are almost first-graders.

2) I forget how much there is to do at the end of every year.

Our “to do” list is pretty long.

I have a 3 tests I need to give the class and they need to be done individually.

They need to be tested for their reading levels for next year.

There are 3 field trips left (Minnesota Zoo for the kindergarten, Twins Game for the Student Council, Field Day for the whole school)

There are 4 fire drills left.

There is a Spelling Bee.

There is cleaning day for the kids. Which means I need to clean everything out before they clean.

Not to mention finishing up the last of the curriculum, report cards and end of the year conferences.

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