All My Base Are Belong To You.

April 1st, 2009

Instructions from a free thermometer that came in the mail today.

Under “Take Temperature”

When you measure your body temperature, please remain to measure at the same place for some time.

To take temperature under tongue, before measurement please close your mouth for 5 minutes or so, then insert the sensor part under the tongue, keeping nestled and close your mouth.

To take temperature in the armpit, before measurement please completely wipe the sweat there away, then close the armpit for about 5 minutes and insert the sensor part against the center of the armpit closely. Put both left and right waist intersection, making the thermometer in contact with the user’s body closely.

Under “Cautions”

This thermometer has already been calibrated while making. If use according to the operation instruction, does not need to calibrate again. Such as having doubt to the accuracy that is measured, please contact us.

Under “Notice”

Help user to be that square qualified technical staff repair, by but repair the parts that manufacturer appoint, can demand to offer to our company.

Under “Warning”

Don’t swallow the battery. It’s dangerous to your life. Please store the battery at a safe place where children can’t reach it. If anyone swallowed the battery, send him to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment at once.

Under “Quality Warranty”

This thermometer is guaranteed for one year under proper use according this instruction from the date that the product is sent out the factory.

One Response to “All My Base Are Belong To You.”

  1. Christina on April 6, 2009 8:43 pm

    “All my base are belong to you.” Wow. I didn’t know anyone else in adoption-blog land actually knew that phrase, much less knew how to use it appropriately. You just became my new favorite blogger. And the thermometer instructions? Priceless.

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