And the Randomness Continues…

March 13th, 2009
  • This is funny. Funny and sad. I’m not a fan of Ayn Rand. But I’m  fan of Colbert and I love this: … when millions are losing jobs, losing homes and losing hope, there is nothing more important than putting yourself first.”
  • This weekend is all about the packing. I kept telling myself I wanted to be packed before this weekend but then I cam up with about 482,000 other things to do. So this weekend is packing and laundry. Well, technically, it’s laundry then packing.
  • One weekend and two work days left until we are on a plane.
  • One weekend and 5 days left until we meet our son.
  • I got this update on Milo from a friend who is in Ethiopia right now: “He is beautiful and healthy and has a great smile.  He is tiny – especially his little legs and bottom, but his tummy is a good size.  No signs of any sickness at all. You may want to bring some pretty small diapers (perhaps newborn size). He spent some of the time here sitting in his bobby chair, so if you don’t have one, get one, he really liked it.  He was pushing up and holding his head up really well.  Also, he REALLY likes to be held, so that is a perfect fit for a sling wearing momma!!! You will see for yourself soon – but really, nothing to worry about at all.  He was hanging out without a diaper and had no messes, so i think any intestional issues have certainly cleared up!”

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