My Day (or at least 35 minutes of it)

February 10th, 2009

Today at 12:25 (Rest Time)

Me: Find your mats. Find your spots and lay down quietly. (Class tears through the room using mats as shields as they crash into each other.)

12:26 – Me: Everyone freeze. Carry your mats. Walk to your spots. Watch where you are going. (More shields and crashing).

12:27 – Me: Freeze. Try again. Walk to your spots and lie down. If you crash into another person there will be consequences. (All 18 kids are laying down)

12:28 – Me: This is rest time. Your voices need to be off and your bodies need to be still. (There’s no talking but there is humming, singing, and any other noise that isn’t technically talking.)

12:29 – Me: Voices off means no noise. No humming, no talking, no singing, no counting. Your bodies and your brains need to rest so lay still please.

12:30-12:35 Complete silence in the room.

12:35 Another teacher comes in to talk to me.

K: I talked to (another teacher) and she’s going to ….

Me: Zero voices please.

K:….and she’s going to tutor your ESL students…

Me: Heads down.

K:…she’s going to tutor your ESL students at least 3 times….

Me: Go back to your mat. You don’t need a kleenex right now.

K:…at least 3 times a week….

Me: Whatever is in your mouth go spit it in the garbage right now. (if you are wondering it was birdseed)

K:…3 times a week for 1/2 hour…

Me: Put your shoes back on. Rest time is not over yet. It’s still zero voices and heads down.

K: I think the best thing…

Me: Your mat needs to stay in your rest spot.

K…would be for her to…

Me: Heads down.

K…for her to mirror what you and I are working on.

Me: Sure, no problem. Take your feet off the table and lay still. We can talk about it more after school.

K: (standing up to leave) Oh my goodness, is this all day long? Every day?

Me: Yes. Rest time is NOT over. You need to lay still.

1:00 Me: If you are awake, you may put your mats away and sit in the circle. (More mat shields and crashing into each other.)

So, that’s part of my day. And believe it or not several kids actually slept through that whole exchange. And no, I wasn’t yelling at the same kid the whole time but it’s amazing the excuses they can come up with to get off their mats.

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