Can you translate Kindergarten?

December 23rd, 2008

It’s rest time right now and for once they are actually resting. Really I think they are just crashing from the sugar high they had at lunch today. Either way they are still and quiet.

Since I’ve got a few minutes and I’m done with my prep work, here’s the answers to a worksheet from one of my better readers/writers. How many can you translate?

1. apple (yeah, the first few easy ones)*

2. bat

3. cat*

4. dog

5. elefet*

6. flar*

7. got

8. haas*

9. isic*

10. jop*

11. kakro

12. lag*

13. matet*

14. nat*

15. otpog*

16. parat*

17. quwen*

18. rayan

19. snack* (and no, she wasn’t writing “snack”)

20. tawr*

21. ubreyela*

22. vocur

23. wrm

24. xaray

25. yo-yo

26. zap (nope, not writing “zap”)

My favorite part is at the end of the worksheet she wrote “Thist is the end.”

For comparison here’s another student that wrote some of the same answers:

1. ablle

2. cat

3. dnsard

4. elfnt

5. flwr

6. hrs

7. insat

8. jps

9. lag

10. mtns

11. nat

12. oktps

13. prat

14. qwt

15. snak

16. twr

17. uprls

(The matching answers in the first student’s list have an (*).)

Good luck.¬† I’ll post the actual answers in a couple days.

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