Advent. And Water.

December 1st, 2008

Yesterday was the first Sunday in Advent. The four weeks building up to Christmas. In honor of the Advent Season I’m posting this video. I’m sure you’ve seen on ten other blogs by now but I hope it makes you reconsider how you’ll spend this Christmas season.

This is idea, to give the world clean water, has really hit home with me in a lot of very real ways. The kids at school either know someone who is sick from lack of clean water or remember hiking to carry water or have heard their parents talk about trying to find clean water or have had a family member die due to lack of clean water. That statistic about 1 in 6 people not having access to clean water, well almost the parents at our school were that 1. Right now we are working to raise money to dig a well for a school in Africa.

And I think about Ethiopia. We are continuously warned not to drink the water when we go. Makes me wonder, if Ethiopia had clean water how many fewer parents would have to make the heart breaking choice to relinquish their baby?

Need a place to donate? Try here.

And if you need ideas for my gift this year. Go here.

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