And we’re back.

November 28th, 2008

We’ve been in Green Bay for a week. We left Friday right after work and we got back tonight around dinner time. Originally we were only going to be there from Wednesday evening until Saturday morning but my grandpa passed away and the funeral was last Saturday so we left early.

Our schedule went in waves of being crazy and then nothing to do.
Friday we arrived. The house was packed with my dad’s relatives who were in town for the funeral. (The one good thing about funerals is that you get to see relatives that you never see but wish you could see all the time.)
Saturday was the visitation and the funeral.
Sunday was brunch at my grandparents house (on my mom’s side) with about 20 people.
Monday we drove to Appleton to meet up with friends I haven’t seen since college.
Tuesday I was sick. I slept all day and read Twilight. .
Wednesday we drove to West Bend (about 2 hours away) to have lunch and watch Lexi and Charlotte exchange Christmas gifts.
Thursday was Thanksgiving madness.
Friday morning was Brunch: The Sequel and exchanging Christmas gifts with my family since we will be in Kansas for Christmas.
Then we loaded up the car and headed home.

Now, a few fun side notes from the trip. First off, my Grandma gave me all of my Grandpa’s ties. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on some old ties for a while to make a skirt for Lexi and a couple other projects I have mulling around in the back of my mind.
Next, my sister got me a Beco Butterfly II. Which is the most awesome baby carrier around. And Lexi made out like a bandit on the handmade gifts from Aunt Limor (check out her etsy shop) and my mom.

Oh and our smartest purchase? A DVD player for the car. Lexi ate crackers and watched movies. That’s it. No complaining (unless the sun was in her eyes), no temper tantrums, just hanging out watching movies. This is going to be very helpful on a 12 hour drive next month.

It was a long trip and it’s good to be home. Now we have a month to recover before we leave for Christmas in Kansas.

2 Responses to “And we’re back.”

  1. Cathy on November 29, 2008 7:55 am

    Welcom back. Sorry to hear about your grandpa but glad you got to see family and friends on what sounds like a busy trip. Here’s to hoping you get some really great news very soon.

  2. Judy Colbert on December 3, 2008 10:28 am

    I’m sorry to hear about your Grandpa. There is never a good time. The opposite of seeing relatives that you’d like to see but don’t is that you get rid of seeing the relatives you really don’t want to see, and only for a short time.

    The DVD player sounds like a great tantrum-prevention tool. Also sounds like you’ll be going to the library for a huge stack of DVDs before your long drive.

    If you haven’t made one yet, you can create a busy box. Buy a metal lunchbox either with a favorite character on the outside or cover it with felt. Buy some magnetic letters and shapes, small quiet new toys, pot holder loops, crayons or chalk (flat sided so they won’t roll), stickers, coloring book, etc., that will fit in the lunch box. The magnetic letters stick to the lunchbox, even through the decorations. As these will be all new toys, they should provide hours of entertainment if you run out of DVDs or they become boring.

    I’m sure you know to stop every two hours for a potty break and a chance to run off some built-up energy.

    Trip preparation is a great way to prevent tantrums.


    Judy Colbert

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