A Letter to Obama

November 6th, 2008

Yesterday my class talked about the election and they wanted to talk to Obama and tell him they were excited he won. After I explained that he probably won’t be making a stop at our school they decided a letter was a better way to go.

Here’s their letter, word for word.

Dear Mr. Obama,

We are in kindergarten.

We go to Dugsi Academy in St. Paul, MN.

We are very excited you are president.

When you won people ran around our houses and yelled “O-BA-MA” really loud.┬áIt was fun.

We also had some questions for you. Will you answer them please? Thank you.

1. How are you? Are you excited to be president? (from Asha)

2. How many people voted for you? (from Suad)

3. Do you think you’ll get a surprise being president? (from Mustaf)

4. What is your phone number? (from Zakariye)

5. What school do you kids go to? (from Yahya)

6. Can we see your house? (from Suad)

7. How old are your kids? (from Asha)

8. Are you happy to live in the White House? (from Yahya)

9. Area you good at helping people? (from Roda)

10. Do you want to be president two times? (from Rayan)

Thank you for reading our letter!

From, Ms. Abby’s Class

They all signed their names, tomorrow we are taking a class picture to send along. I’m hoping we at least get one of those form letters back.

I love that my class is very civics minded. They love learning about our country, how it works, how voting works, etc. And they come up with these little projects on their own. I had no plans to write to Barak Obama today but it was something they really wanted to do. So we did it.

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  1. Cathy on November 11, 2008 9:10 am

    Thanks for the suggestion!!! I am going to try one more coat and then try that. I just started watchin Trading Spaces again now that they brought Paige Davis back :)

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