Chicken and Fries. With Ice Cream.

October 16th, 2008

Kevin is homeless tonight. He and a bunch of people from church are sleeping outdoors at the Fair Grounds to raise money for homeless shelters.

Lexi and I dropped him of just before dinner. Here was our conversation in the car as we were pulling away.

Lexi: What’s Daddy doing?

Me: He’s going to sleep outside tonight.

L: Daddy’s not home?

Me: Nope, not tonight.

L: Oh. (long pause) Okay. Let’s go get Chicken and fries and then when my chicken and fries are all gone I can eat ice cream. Chocolate ice cream with chocolates on top.

Me: That’s what you think we should have for dinner?

L: Yes. Daddy’s not home. We’ll go get chicken and fries.

And that’s when I realized that I need to stop taking her to Culver’s when Kevin is out of town (or sleeping outside). But she thoroughly enjoyed her chicken and fries and ice cream. And then fell asleep at 7:10.

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