A Conversation with Lexi

September 7th, 2008

Lexi: Do you know which one is my favorite bobo?

Me: No. Which one?

L: I like Whistle.

M: Who’s Whistle?

L: (Pointing to Mazie) It’s this one, right here. This is Whistle.

M: You changed Mazie’s name to Whistle?

L: Yes.

M: Kev. Lexi changed Mazie’s name to Whistle.

L: No. This is Mazie not Whistle.

Kev: I’m going to go run an errand.

M: Okay, bye.

L: Is daddy going to Ninevah?

M: No. He’s going to the Hansens’.

L: Oh. Which way is Tarshish?

M: I’ m not sure.

L: It’s that way. (Pointing to her left) and Ninevah is that way (pointing to her right)

M: Okay. Are you going to Ninevah?

L: No. Whistle is going.

M: I thought her name is Mazie.

L: No. It’s Whistle.

M: Okay.

L: Speak is a baracuda.

M: No, he’s a dog.

L: No. He’s an animal. He’s a baracuda.

M: Well, I think he’s a dog.

L: Um, no. Can I get down from the table now?

M: Okay.

L: Jonah does a good job listening.

M: Lexi, do you have poop in your pull-up?

L: No, I just have a fart in my pull-up and you can’t see it so don’t look.

M: I wasn’t planning on looking.

L: I’m going to ride my moose. (riding her moose, singing) Bald women, du-pah-chish, du-pah-chish.

I could keep going with this, but you get the idea of what life with Lexi is like. This conversation took place in about a 5 minute period. She’s now bouncing on the couch singing several songs at once. I think it’s the ever popular Jonah was a Prophet/Every Step I Take/The Breakfast Time Song/Bald Women/God is so Big medley.

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  1. Limor on September 7, 2008 9:40 pm

    That is freakin hilarious.

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