First Impressions of Kindergarten

August 25th, 2008

This probably won’t be of interest to anyone but me, but I want to get it down so when I am ready to toss kids out the window in December I can look back and remember that at one point I did think they were cute. And just to warn you, I’ll be doing that annoying initials thing instead of real names just to be on the safe side.

First day started off a little crazy. There was some type of bus mix up (which means they had no idea who to pick up where) so at 7:55 I still had only 8 kids. By the end of breakfast I was up to 13. I had 8 girls and 5 boys which is fine with me. Last year I had 20 kids and only 6 were girls so this year is already looking up.

I know we are still in the “honeymoon” phase of school so I’m not going to pretend that just because today was good the rest of the year will be too but hey, a girl can hope right?

So my girls:

RM: a little on the spoiled side. It’s pretty obvious she’s never been told no. But, she’s over the top enthusiastic for everything we do so that’s a plus. I think the other students find her a little overbearing with her need to help everyone but my guess is give her a task and she’ll be fine. She’s one of my girls who’s got sass. Obnoxious, violent, defiant boys get under my skin. Girls with sass I can handle. Which brings me to:

RA: she’s the leader of the pack. I see a lot of her brother in her. Likes to be the center of attention, regardless of the type of attention she is receiving. I have a feeling she and I are going to have a few conversations but I see a lot of potential in her. She’s got sass but just the right amount.

AM: I think she’s the oldest at her house which means she hasn’t had to grow up and act like a 5 year old yet. Her mom came in and fed her breakfast this morning (actually spoon fed her her cereal). But she’s excited for kindergarten so that’s a plus.

ZG: is just an all around sweet girl. She’s shy and quiet but she loves to try and answer questions and already has the rules down cold.

SA: reminds me of her sister. Exactly like her sister. Very smart, very eager to please and painfully shy.

MA: this girl is a riot. I’ve never really had a class clown before but she’s it. And not in an annoying, please make it stop kind of way. She gets sarcasm (something that is rare at our school) and she laughs at my really bad jokes. We’re going to get along very well.

FF: I haven’t quite made up my mind about her. I like her. She’s quiet and follows the rules. But wow, her train of thought has completely derailed and is now wandering through the country-side.

MI: a good kid with a lot to live up to. 3 older siblings at the school, all which are extremely intelligent and I can tell she’s already feeling the pressure. I’ve worked with her parents and they are very down to earth and she’ll be fun to work with as well.

And the boys:

KM: he’s the only one who really gave me trouble today and it wasn’t all that bad. I need to have his English tested because I think he’s acting out because he has no clue what is going on. There’s only so much pictures and miming stuff can do for a kid. At least when he acts out it’s mostly ignoring me, nothing loud or violent.

KA: I think this kid asked more questions today than my entire class did all last year. But I’ll take that as enthusiasm for learning.

AA: He’s been waiting for 3 years to be in my class and now he’s finally old enough. We’re both thrilled he’s finally here.

LA: Is it wrong to nick-name a kid Roly-Poly? because that’s what he is – even his personality is roly-poly. I don’t know how else to describe him.

YM: talks. A lot. His mom warned me. His aunt warned me. His sister warned me. His neighbor warned me. He talks even when no one is listening. He coaches himself through assignments by talking. He repeats everything I say under his breath (like he’s trying to memorize it). He sings to himself. He makes up words to books and reads to himself. It’s really funny to watch.

Tomorrow will be interesting. I have no idea if more kids will show up or if lots of parents feel that school starts next week (because labor day is so early).

2 Responses to “First Impressions of Kindergarten”

  1. Leah on August 25, 2008 7:00 pm

    Kindergarten is my absolute most favorite age to work with! They’re just so excited to take it all in. That, and I love watching these little tiny kids come in at the beginning of the year, morph into “big kids” who are so very ready for 1st grade at the end of the year! Yep, my favorite age. And the talker? Watch closely…all the kids I have ever worked with who have Aspergers are this way. They’re usually hyper-verbal. (’s Angela. ROFL) Either that are they have other hidden little things going on, but then again, don’t we all? LOL I hope tomorrow goes as well as today did.

  2. abby on August 25, 2008 7:37 pm

    Talking is a very cultural thing for our kids. They are all very verbal and have almost no internal controls on volume or how much/often they talk. I always keep an eye out for signs of any unusual trends but most the time it just ends up being that they talk. A lot.

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