Things Lexi Enjoys Doing.

July 1st, 2008

Here’s a short list of the things Lexi has done in the past week.

Note: If you are one of those people who can’t tolerate kids being kids and making a mess and doing gross things then just stop reading.

  1. Discovered the joys of eating playdough. (Really she discovered the joy of playdough and then she learned how great it tastes.)
  2. Ate dog food. And declared it good.
  3. Played with bubbles in the sink. This resulted in a wet shirt, wet pants, water on the counter top (read: flood), soaking wet kitchen rug, and one happy kid.
  4. Found the dog food that spilled a couple weeks ago and ate it.
  5. Mixed playdough and water. (I didn’t see it, but I’m guessing she sampled some of the water.)
  6. Mixed orange juice into her playdough-water cocktail. Sampled it. This is declared gross.
  7. Poured orange juice into a bowl of raisins to make “cereal”.
  8. Used markers to color a picture on paper and then her hands, face and arms.
  9. Smeared sour cream all over her face because she was “shaving like daddy.”
  10. Couldn’t reach handles on the sink so she filled her cup with water from the toilet.
  11. Dipped her bagel into orange juice.
  12. Dipped carrots into milk.
  13. Dipped wheat thins into water.
  14. Okay, really she just dips whatever is in her hand into whatever is in her cup. At lunch is was PBJ sandwich in water.
  15. Dumped about 4000 foam cut outs from my kindergarten art supplies onto the floor so she could look at them.
  16. Took the orange juice container from the fridge and tried to pour herself a glass of OJ – in the living room.
  17. Discovered she could climb onto the counter tops and reach the cupboard where the snacks are kept.
  18. Spends at least 20 minutes a day chasing Mazie up and down the hallway screaming “I’m gonna get ya!”

So that’s been my summer. How’s your summer going?

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