May 29th, 2008

When I worked at the King CDC there were 2 brothers that will always be my favorite kids. (Okay, technically there are 3 boys that will always be my favorites but Coby’s story is for another day.) Reaquon and Sakai were 2 of the best kids to have in my class. They were respectful, funny, empathetic and genuinely nice kids. And as an added bonus, their mom was really nice and easy to talk to.

When I first started at the KCDC Reaquon was 3. He was one of 8 boys in my class. There was only 1 girl and she only came about once a week. The boys used to love to run, tackle and pile on top of me. And Reaquon would land on top of the pile and shout out “It’s just Hendricks and her boys!” My favorite memory of Reaquon was when he came tearing into the classroom after a huge snowfall shouting “God heard my voice! He heard my voice!” Apparently, the night before Reaquon had wanted to play hockey or go sledding (I can’t remember) but his mom said it wasn’t cold enough or there wasn’t enough snow. Reaquon got upset and his mom told him he should talk to God about his problem. Reaquon did that and woke up the next morning to snow.

About a 6 months later, his little brother Sakai moved up from the toddler room to our room to join “the boys.” Sakai had a slight lisp and used to say “My name’s not Thakai! It’s Thakai!” He also used to say that the only thing he wanted for Christmas was a Christmas Tree.

Tonight at Target I ran into their family. It was crazy to see them. Reaquon is in 4th grade and Sakai is in 3rd. They were as tall as me.

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