The Field Trip or Why Was That Not On Your Website?

April 20th, 2008

Friday was the big field trip. Despite the luming rain clouds, we loaded about 60 extremely excited kindergarten and 2nd graders onto a bus and drove them a half hour to the coolest playground ever. We pulled up in front of the play area and were greeted with orange construction fencing and a “play area closed” sign. The very friendly park ranger informed us that 1. the play area was closed for repair (even though the website said open April – November) and 2. they require a reservation for school groups (also not posted on the website). He told us they had been trying to get that information up for a long time. He then gave us directions to another play area close by that would be big enough for our group. We drove there. It was not. Not even close. Plus, there were no bathrooms. The kids did enjoy the novelty of it while we called the bus driver and told him to come back and pick us up. I have no idea why he left in the first place. He came and got us and we drove back to school to use the bathrooms. (This is after several phone calls to the school secretary having her look up parks in the area for us.) After the bathroom break we got back on the bus and drove to a small park that I knew had some cool climbing ropes. It’s a bunch of cables and cargo nets that look like spider webs to climb around in. The kids had a blast. They told everyone that we took them on two field trips in one day and that the second field trip was to the Spider-Man park. Not to mention they got to eat their lunches outside. Good thing they had no idea that we were completely making the day up as we went along. At least the rain held out until the last 10 minutes of our time at the park.

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