Where does all the money go?

November 18th, 2007

There is lots of discussion around the cost of adoption. There are those that really dislike adoption because they feel it is like “buying” a child, there are people who just don’t know where the money goes, there are people willing to adopt but unsure of where their money is going…the list goes on and on. But one of the reasons that we chose Children’s Home Society is because they are very upfront about the cost and where the money goes. When we send in our dossier we also send in a check for $8700. That’s a large chunk of money going to something called “country fees”. But those fees help cover the cost of the care our child has been receiving for however long they are in the care center (and considering day care, on average, in MN runs about $900/month and the kids are only there 8-10 hours a day, $8700 barely begins to cover the cost of several months of round the clock care, with medical treatment if necessary.). The fees also go towards humanitarian aid projects such as these in the various countries CHSFS works with. So although I’m not thrilled with the amount, I’m not uneasy or worried about where our money is going.

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