Adoption and Children’s Television

November 16th, 2007

Some of this is old news but it’s still worth mentioning. There have been some positive steps in showing adoption on children’s television. Yesterday I was at the Minnesota Children’s Museum and saw the Sesame Street exhibit. One of the signs mentioned Susan and Gordon’s son Miles, who on the show, was adopted domestically. I also found this blog archive of “Gina” (another main character on Sesame Street) adopted a son from Guatemala on the show’s past season.

Arthur also aired an episode featuring a Chinese adoption.

I’m a big fan of kid’s programming dealing with issues as important as adoption but one thing that I wish the shows would talk about is the birthparents. I think without meaning to, the writers portray the adoptive parents as the only people who love the adopted child…if you were six and adopted, how would that make you feel?

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