Kindergarten – The Revolving Door

November 14th, 2007

On the first day of school my class list looked like this:

1. Hanad
2. Khalid
3. Zakariya
4. Khalid
5. Mohamed
6. Omar
7. Abdullahi
8. Adan
9. Higmo
10. Jamila
11. Mako
12. Cabdullahi
13. Abdirahman
14. Mohamed
15. Libon
16. Jamal
17. Soleyman
18. Siham
19. Qali
20. Abdirahman
21. Ugbat

Hanad and Soleyman never showed up. Libon was moved to the other kindergarten class but didn’t return to school after the first week. Abdullahi transfered to another school. Omar ended up testing high enough to be in first grade. Mako was pulled and put into a school that gives homework to kindergarteners (don’t ask). Mohamed moved to the other kindergarten class. Qali moved and Abdirahman’s parents enrolled him in a school closer to his home. So out of the original 21 on my list only 12 are still here.

But I’ve also gained Asli, Shamsei, Abdirashid, Abdifatah, Zakaria and Abas and since I’m only up to 18 kids, my guess I’ll get 2 more after Thanksgiving break.

It’s like the first day of school every Monday. Crazy.

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