Passport Photos

November 12th, 2007

Tonight we completed another step in our dossier paperwork – the whole fam got their passport photos taken. For the low, low rate of $47.00 we stood in front of a white wall while the proex guy snapped our photos with a digital camera. Then he brought his camera card over to the kiosk where customers can print their own digital pictures and printed them up for us. Seriously, is that really worth $47.00 for 18 1×2 bad pictures? The sign over the kiosk said a 4×6 is $0.19. So by my math that should have cost us $3.42. But to the credit of proex, they charged us $16.00 for a set of 6 pictures of each person (and we each needed 4) while other places were charging $12.00-$14.00 for a set of 2. I guess that means we got a deal?

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