Flying to Ethiopia

November 9th, 2007

Has anyone ever flown to Africa? Any tips? Any tips on how to survive a 18 or more hour plane ride with a 2 year old on the way there and a 2 year old and a baby on the way home? Seriously, I have this vision of sitting on a plane for 2 days smooshed between Lexi’s carseat and Kevin because we seriously can’t afford to fly first class. Are the rumors true that when you fly long distances like that they put you on planes where the seats are just a bit wider and you have a little more leg room? I really hope so.

Our travel information said that for the flight home we could request bulkhead seating and a bassinet depending on the size of our baby, that would be great if we were able to get a seat in that area. Not that we have to make travel plans now but since I have nothing else to really “worry” about with this process my mind wanders to stuff like how many snacks to we have to bring to keep Lexi happy? and What type of sling should I bring for the new baby? Should we even bother with a stroller for Lexi or should I just sling her to?

Now, with all this to think about, let’s see if I can actually get some sleep tonight. Bother.

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  1. Limor on November 10, 2007 9:06 am

    I’ve never flown to Africa, and the longest flight I was on was about 14 hours long (to and from Israel). The extra leg room is fairly negligible, I’m sorry to say. We used to fly all the time as kids, every year as a matter of fact (from Israel to the US). My mom always got us lots of craft type things to work on, and according to her we were always happy/occupied on the flights. You could always do crayons, stickers, and other non-wet crafts. I would also make sure that you have extra diapers and snacks in case of delays. You never know if things are going to move along smoothly at the airport. I’ll ask my mom if she’s got any other helpful suggestions.

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