And the answer is…

December 12th, 2006

Since Kevin gave out the answers to his quiz questions, I figured I should give out the answer to my questions.

1. What 3 countries have I traveled to?

Answer: El Salvador, Mexico & England. El Salvador and Mexico were mission’s trip and I went to England during the J-term in college.

2. How many times have I been to Mexico.

Okay, this was interesting. When I made the quiz, I actually checked the wrong box, but the wrong answer I gave as the correct answer was the one every one picked – so technically, all of you got one more wrong. According to the quiz, I’ve only been there twice, but in reality, I’ve been there 3 times. I went during spring break sophomore, junior & senior year of highschool.

3. In highschool, I worked at which store?

Answer: Shopko. I was hired my sophomore year of highschool and finally quit the summer after my freshman year of college. I worked in every single department (except the service desk), had 8 different assistant managers (1 of whom I made cry), and when I finally quit, I think I had 58 points on my record. (Shopko gave you “points” every time you screwed up – late for work, took too long of a break, etc – when you hit 15 points you were supposed to get fired.)

4. Not including college, how many times have I moved?

Answer: 7. Moved into 44th St., 44th St. to 53rd St., 53rd St. to 48th St., 48th St. to Dakota St., Dakota St. to Somerset Dr., Somerset Dr. to Minnehaha, Minnehaha to Seminary. Or Milwaukee to New Berlin, New Berlin to Green Bay, Green Bay to St. Paul.

5. Where was a born?

Answer: Milwaukee, WI

6. How many dogs have I owned?

Answer: 3. Cinder – a black lab/springer spaniel mix, Speak – pekingese/poodle mix, Mazie – rat terrier/corgi mix.

7. In highschool I did my homework…

Answer: During passing time. I think the only time I brought my books home was the first night of school when your assignment is to cover your books, and the night before a test to cram as much info as I could onto the assigned notecard, but even then I would usually just wing it. I do remember one year setting the low end of the curve in my A.P. History class. I scored a total of 4. Lexi better pick up her dad’s study habits.

8. When is my birthday?

Answer: September 22.

9. How far is my commute to work?

Answer: 5 minutes – if I hit all the red lights.

10. In highschool which of these things should I have gotten in trouble for but never did?

Answer: All of the above. We hid from the cops for 3 hours because we decided to rearrange those orange construction cones late one night. They were originally running down the center of the rode. We moved them so they went across the rode – curb to curb. Someone in a nearby house must have called the police because the first car to come crashing through was the sherrif’s car.

We did TP the band teacher’s house but at our school having your house TP’ed at homecoming was a good thing. This particular teacher was a well loved and respected teacher who had just retired and we all missed him.

Skipping 8th hour for a year – it’s not as bad as it sounds – I had a permanent pass out of study hall so I spent that hour sleeping in the yearbook room or the choir room.

11. Which dances did I attend in highschool?

Answer: I only missed homecoming my freshman year. For this one, people picked that either I went only to prom or that I didn’t go to danaces. Nope, sorry – I loved the dances in highschool. Not only did I go, but I had a date for all of them (except Senior Ball) and I even went to homecoming 3 times at a different school.

12. What’s my part-time job?

Answer: Dog-training. I currently train the Level II class at AllBreed Obedience. It’s one of the best part time jobs I’ve ever had.

So, those are the answers. Probably more about me than you really wanted to know, but oh well.

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