The Kind of Sick That Feels Like Death

November 12th, 2006

Friday morning I woke up with a cold. It was one of those colds they describe on the Nyquil bottle. And since I’m not the type teacher to plan a week or so ahead, I needed to go to work because I had nothing ready for a sub. I went to work hoping that I could work until 11:30 (lunch time) and then have someone cover my room for the rest of the day. Well that plan didn’t happen because 2 other teachers were already out sick. So I worked all day. All day with a fever, a headache, and 17 kindergarteners with absolutely no volume control. When it finally hit 1:00 and it was rest time, I made them all lay down and declared that nobody was getting off their mats until it was absolutely silent in the room. Rest time lasted 50 minutes. It took them that long to be quiet, but it was a nice long break for me. Normally, I only make them lay down for 20 minutes. I came home Friday and went to bed. Couldn’t sleep because I was too hot, then too cold, then too hot. By morning I thought I was feeling better. Got up to change Lexi and half way through changing her I started to black out. I grabbed a half-naked baby off the changing table and sat down in the chair. I called Kevin in to come help me. When he picked up Lexi I didn’t even realize that I hadn’t put a new diaper on her. It was a very strange feeling. Okay, so after that weird little episode, I felt better. I went to dog class, trained with Mazie, and then taught. Not a good plan. Came home and slept the entire afternoon. Woke up, had some dinner and pretty much went back to bed.

Today I feel much better. Hopefully Kevin and Lexi will not get what I had.

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