The Great Get Together

August 28th, 2004

The Minnesota State Fair started on Thursday. This year I got to go twice. On Thursday I sat at the Bethel University booth and handed out rulers. That was interesting. Several people came up and asked if you had to be a Christian to go to school there. Some people were even under the impression that you had to be baptist. Most people didn’t even look at who we were, they just wanted the free ruler.

Friday, Kevin and I went back to the Fair to eat all things deep-fried and on a stick. This year’s new foods were battered and deep-fried corn on the cob, a deep-fried Ruben sandwich on a stick, and rumors of fried rice on a stick. I wanted to try the fried rice but we never found it at the fair. We opted for the traditional fair foods – corn dogs, cheese curds, corn on the cob, Sweet Martha’s Cookies, and all you can drink milk. They upped the price of the milk to $1 but they added chocolate, so it wasn’t all bad.

One of my favorite things to do at the fair is to go to the Pet Center. We usually go and watch the Police K-9 dogs do their demos, which is always fun. Last year we got to see an agility club put their dogs through the paces but it was in a very confined ring, so it wasn’t all that exciting. This year, they had frisbee dogs. It’s put on by purina dog chow, so mostly it’s an add for the food, but the frisbee dogs are cool to watch. I will give them credit – all the dogs they use in the show are either from a rescue or from a shelter.

Here’s a couple of pictures I got before the batteries died. I know some of them are blurry but you try and take a picture of a dog jumping in circles.

We also collected a serious amount of free crap. Surprisingly, some of the it was actually good stuff this year. I ended up with 2 bandanas – St. Thomas and Ford were giving those away, a mini frisbee for Speak, a bunch of pencils, a pen, a ruler and a pile of magnets. And Kevin got a tree. Hopefully this year we remember to plant it and not just leave it in the bag to be used at the youth groups white elephant party.

They have fireworks that end the fair everynight. It’s fun to watch them from my bedroom window. You can also hear the bands from the Grandstand playing.

2 Responses to “The Great Get Together

  1. Josh on September 5, 2004 1:31 am

    Are the famous “Love Those Pork Chops” there this year?

  2. Abby on September 5, 2004 3:43 pm

    Yeah, they’re still there.

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