Why Doesn’t Anne Lamott Have a Web Site?

A couple weeks ago I discovered that one of my favorite authors, Anne Lamott, doesn’t have a web site. She’s got a Wikipedia page, the speaking agency representing her has a page, Salon.com has a list of her columns—heck, there’s even my Anne Lamott Squidoo page. But Anne Lamott herself has no official web site.

How can a well-known author not have a web site in 2008?

Sadly, I asked that same question in 2005.

So here’s the deal, Anne: Drop me a line and I’ll build you a web site.

I can’t imagine what’s keeping Anne Lamott from having a web site, but I imagine it’s something she doesn’t think she needs. I’d also guess she’s not an incredibly tech-savvy person, which means a web site wouldn’t be high on her list. She’d also need the right kind of web site—you can’t just throw up any old site.

Here’s what I think Anne Lamott needs:

  • A run down of all her available books with summaries, excerpts and links to buy them.
  • A news section that gives current updates about Anne Lamott, what she’s working on and links to interviews, columns or anything Lamott-related (i.e., a blog).
  • An events calendar that details her public appearances.
  • A basic author bio.
  • Information about how to contact the author.
  • An e-mail newsletter/RSS feed to keep people connected.

That’s about it. You could definitely do more, but tackling this list alone would be huge. And the key, of course, would be keeping it updated (which is why I’m the person to build Anne Lamott’s site, not some techie/designer who can make a beautiful site that won’t get updated). That news section would need to be updated at least once a month (once a week would probably be ideal).

That’s all it would take to join the Internet revolution. And the result? More connection, more fans and—I’d be willing to bet—more books sold.

Update: Sadly, Anne Lamott isn’t the only author without a web site.

24 thoughts on “Why Doesn’t Anne Lamott Have a Web Site?”

  1. I have read all of Anne Lamott’s books at least twice and some three times. They have changed my way of thinking and my way of seeing – she is so savy and I have never been. I am working on it! I just bought ‘Traveling Mercies’ for the 4th time, and this time it is my intention to keep it for myself. Of course, if I come across someone who I think will find what I found in it, I will share it once again and buy it once again. Her books have been eye openers for me and stay with me even when I have given them away. I like to have them in my home however, so I buy them when they are gone. It would be great if she had a website but websites may not work for her as you said. Her writing works well.

  2. I became aware of Anne Lamott one night about a year ago because she was the featured guest on Tavis Smiley. The next day I went to the library and checked-out everything they had by her. I found her books uplifting, easy to read, and received a badly needed dose of sometimes you have to laugh at life in order to enjoy it. I just finished reading Plan B and again it was just what I needed. So, I decided to send her a quick note to tell her that I find the book inspiring. Although I am sure the Universe has validated her purpose here as an author, I wanted to give my personal thanks. To my dismay, she has no website so hopefully she takes you up on your offer.

  3. Annie Lamott is such a treasure to so many……keep it up, Annie, and God’s very richest blessings your way, dear one!

  4. When I finished reading Bird by Bird about a year ago I wanted to pick Anne Lamott up and give her a big hug. But I didn’t know where she was. I’ve adopted the 300 words a day minimum in my life and I’ve since created a number of websites, several articles, a webcomic, a short story and a screenplay. I haven’t sold anything (I’m not that good, yet) but I’m finally doing what I love to do and I’m not stressing out over the process anymore. Thanks Anne! And please take Mr. hendricks up on his offer!

  5. I just read my first Anne Lamott book- Hard Laughter. I feel I owe her , as I only paid 10 cents for it at a yard sale. I feel guilty as I wanted to thank her.

    In a way I like her even more for not having a website.

  6. I am almost 70 years old and just happened upon Anne Lamott on my Kindle, Traveling Mercies… She quickly became my new favorite author. I didn’t think I would come to completely love the reverance of irreverance. Now, I want all of her books published on Kindle. Her novels are not on Kindle as of today! I would love to keep up with her on her own website.

  7. I absolutely love Anne Lamott. She is a treasure that I just recently discovered. I have only read 3 of her books but I am addicted! I thought that it was really odd that she did not have a website. She shares so much of who she is in her books that maybe a website may seem too shallow. However, I would follow her if she did choose to conform to the requests of the tech world. Thanks Kevin for your attempt to unite her fans!

  8. I have been reading every Anne Lamontt books I can find. I have related to her spiritual struggles and self discoveries. I recently redicated my life to Christ. I have not found very much support from church, because I also have many feminist views. These views don’t fit well with church doctrine. I feel lonely for fellowship. I find I wish I could find a personal friend like Anne. I woild love it if you can perhaps forward my e-mail to Anne Lammount. I would value it so much if she would correspound with me about being a christian and a feminist. I think that she is a delightful person who I would love to hear more about her life and spirituality.

  9. I love Anne Lamott! I too grew up in Marin, got sober there in 1989, and am about her age. Even though Ive never met her personally, I feel like she’s my friend just through her books, which I know is wierd but so what?! I would love to have a website that listed her public appearances–Im still so disappointed that I missed her appearance with my other fave, Liz Gilbert. Ive been reading Anne for years and look forward to each new book.

  10. Anne Lamott’s books have been life saving to me, and I totally understand why she does not have a web site!

  11. I adore, love, treasure Anne Lamott. Her voice gets in my head, and I am changed and challenged by the things she has to say. I would love to be in her safe circle of quirky, up-lifting friends. But I can (and will) read everything she writes. She’s wonderful web-site or not!

  12. Like with many of you, Anne Lamott’s books started an inner revolution. Of all a sudden there was someone writing, lyrically, beautifully but not in an obscure way, about what it means to feel your own brokenness and imperfection, and at the same time, the importance of being kind to yourself. Reading her has brought insight and wisdom into my life along with a deep desire to be militant on my own side, as Anne would put it. So I’d love for Anne to have a website, I periodically do a web search for one, just in case, but I suspect she doesn’t have one perhaps to avoid entanglements that might influence what she wants to say. I dare imagine that Anne would prefer to be free of what people might come to expect of her. She is on her own journey, and that’s what’s her writing is about, if she had a blog, for example, it might be just more difficult to put together a book about personal essays, for instance. For one, it would all have been said already, and second, it might feel influenced by the demands of reader. Obviously I’m speculating. Be that as it may, I just sometimes wish I could write her an e-mail and tell her thank you for the gift of you and for putting me on the way of seeing myself as a gift too.

  13. I think Audry Wagner-Morales has hit the nail on the head. Unless the website is used for book reviews–and there are many publishers that do that–she would need to be careful and not relay insights that most likely will make their way into one of her books….After all, this is how she makes her living. I am guessing that perhaps she just does not want any distractions. An email address would be nice, though. I love her writing style, as well as the content. It took awhile to get use to the rough language, though.

  14. Anne, if you read this – I love you! yes – thats right! Thanks for making me realize Im not crazy or alone in this world in the way i view things. I feel like you’re my friend. Thank you!

  15. Imagine the depression which settled its ugly self within my soul when I discovered this AWESOME author without her own website. UGH! The sun is shining……but I am not….

  16. I first heard Anne Lamotte on a PBS program. She was so fresh and enjoyable. I have read her “Bird by Bird” and “Blueshoe”. I would love to see a website for her. Sadly, many writers do not have websites. Wish they did.

  17. I can only guess that this might reach Ms. Lamott… I am an avid birder (way advanced beyond a mere birdwatcher), and without characteristically researching her book, Bird by Bird, several years ago, I bought ten copies, one for me, and nine for fellow birders, thinking it was literally a “bird” book I’d missed somehow – imagine my dismay, when NOT ONE of the recipients thanked me – my copy inadvertently found its way to the bottom of my read list – fast forward to 2011 – I am now a “fledgling” writer myself, and having recently discovered her wonderful book, I find that it has inspired me just the same, as a writer in training, rather that an advanced birder – maybe she’d appreciate this little ditty, if she had a website…

  18. Hi,
    I concur with all that has been said. Has anyone asked Anne directly about this? I’m curious. I think it might be intentional. A web site might infringe on her creativity? I thought about creating a web site and wondered if it would help or hurt me (ie suck away time and energy or bring time and energy)….any thoughts from those who have done it?

  19. Yes, I agree that I need Anne to have a website. I can’t even find her speaking schedule anywhere. Her PlanB moved me to not just tears on a sunny beach, but to major sobbing.

  20. Website or not, she’s a TOUR DE FORCE! Each time I approach the end of one of her books, I grow a little sad………I’m losing a friend. The stories on faith have renewed my own, which was pretty much in the toilet. Her musings about motherhood, and grandmotherhood made me see that I’m NOT nuts……at least, I’m not alone! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  21. Anne,
    I hope this note somehow reaches you b/c I really love your spiritual messages. Your ability to put down in words our inescapable humanness, and all of the complexities that go with it is invaluable. Im certain you have touched a myriad of people struggling to make positive sense of out life. A million thank you’s…wow.

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