Heart and Soul of Church Communication

I don’t talk about it much here, but I’m the “chief blogger” for Church Marketing Sucks (CMS) and the Labs Director for the the non-profit parent, the Center for Church Communication (CFCC). The former is a role I’ve had for two years, helping to launch CMS and watching it take off. The latter is a role I’ve had since last fall when CFCC went non-profit and we really started figuring out where we’re going with this thing.

I love working on these projects. If I could do it all day long, I would. I love constructive efforts to help the church get better. And I love that so many people are jumping on the bandwagon.

One of the projects we recently launched is a peer review group called the Church Marketing Lab. It illustrates how cool this thing is. We opened the doors in March and there are already over 400 members. The place is packed with communicators looking for help and feedback with their marketing materials. They’re posting images, offering feedback, asking questions and starting conversations. It’s so cool. The best part is I have very little to do with it.

A few weeks ago we started a ‘heart and soul’ series on the CFCC blog to share our hearts and talk about where we’re hoping to go. It’s been a fun chance to share our history, brag about our accomplishments, talk about why we do what we do, and even have someone else share their thoughts.

But today it gets really fun. Today we throw it all on the line and talk about the future. We list our big ideas, our dreams, the projects we’ve considered to varying degrees, from multiple plans and discussions to some pie-in-the-sky dreaming. It’s kind of scary to put it all out in the open like that, but we’re not here to protect our ideas like assets. We need help to make them happen, so it only makes sense to share those ideas and hope we can inspire a few folks to help us out.

As the series continues we’ll talk more about the realities of being a non-profit and the kind of help we need. That will be another scary topic, but I thought for now I’d share the fun of dreaming big dreams.

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