Waiting Around After Vandalism

You know, I was really starting to miss these late night trips to the King CDC everytime the security alarm goes off. Good to be back. In blog form.

My wife is a teacher at the King CDC, a daycare center operated by Bethel University in a building owned by the Union Gospel Mission in Frogtown, a low income neighborhood of St. Paul. About a year ago there were break-ins and vandalism all the time. A rock thrown through a window, people carting off really crappy boomboxes, people trying to steal sub-standard printers. Fun stuff.

After a while they installed a security system, which helped. Of course it hardly stops someone from breaking a window for fun. It happened again tonight, and the security company started calling people on the list. The call finally came to us and we came down to check it out. Talked to the cop, called the right people, and now we’re waiting for someone to come board up the window. And I’m blogging.

Not much else to do. I’m annoyed that we’ve been here for at least an hour. I’m annoyed that someone thinks it’s fun to break windows. I’m annoyed that the call had to come to us. I’m annoyed that Bethel security doesn’t take a greater interest in these things. I guess I should just be happy they actually have a security system so an alarm goes off and the police get called. It used to be someone would come in on the weekend or Monday morning and find broken glass and stuff missing. Ah, good times.

I’m also annoyed because we were actually making progress on our reorganize the closet project. We’ve been trying to make better use of our limited space with a baby coming.

I’m also annoyed because the computer I’m using is awful. Who uses Internet Explorer anymore? Can you say ‘crap’? And this old school monitor. It makes my eyes bleed. I won’t even talk about the ergonomics of this workstation.

Annoyed is probably a harsh word. I’m more amused. This is such a goofy way to spend your Saturday night. Not that reorganizing your closet is that much more exciting, but at least it’s productive. Oh well.

2 thoughts on “Waiting Around After Vandalism”

  1. I totally hear the comments about the crappy computer and browser. :-) It’s easy to get spoiled working on the machine we’re used to with the nice big screen and all our custom settings. I’m surprised every time I go to Steph’s school and see people still using OS 9. I want to deny it’s even happening, like I must be dreaming or something.

    I guess no one has time to set a trap for the vandals, or try to catch them on tape or… I don’t know. But maybe if it’s the same person/people doing it over and over, catching them would make them quit, or at least do it less often?

  2. Yeah, I did quite a bit of blogging while sitting there for four hours. You notice how crappy the computer is when you sit there that long.

    And honestly Josh, that’s exactly what I said about trying to catch or at least stop the people doing it. They’ve spent so much on replacing windows (don’t ask what it costs to bring the glass guy out at 9:00 p.m. on a Saturday night just to put in temporary replacement glass) that they could have put Fort Knox security around the place. Or even some flood lights and security cameras in the areas where this keeps happening.

    Sigh. If it makes sense they won’t do it.

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