No Abdication

I’ve never much understood Christians who want to pull their kids out of public school. It seems like such a cop out to think schools are so far gone you have to pull your kids out. If every Christian family pulls their kids out and doesn’t have any parental involvement, what do you expect to happen? I’ve never been very impressed with Christian schools on any level either, nor understood justifying the expense. And homeschool. Wow, that takes a special kid.

Tony Jones summed up the whole thing in words I haven’t come up with yet.

One thought on “No Abdication”

  1. I for one, am in favor of public schools and keeping kids in them, and especially from a Christian perspective.

    However, this issue is hardly cut and dry. The public schools in the United States, quite frankly, need to get their act together more. I’ve been hearing how the US is behind most of the developed world in this respect for the past 20 years, and nothing much seems to be changing.

    Part of the private school phenomena (or even moving to get your kid into a better school) is a reaction to this: I want my kid to have a good education, and I’m willing to work for that.

    I have seen private schools that work quite well in the US and the UK, so I’m torn as to whether this is a good idea for any parent, or a Christian parent. I’m pretty much against homeschooling, but I feel a bit more wishy-washy on whether it’s a good idea to pull kids out of a public school to go to a private school: be the kids and/or the private school be Christian.

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