Relient K on eBay

Mmhmm by Relient KGotee Records is auctioning off a giant 7-foot square version of the cover art of the new Relient K album to benefit DATA. Gotee commissioned artist Jimmy A to paint his interpretation of the cover art and is now auctioning the painting on eBay. All proceeds will go to DATA, which works to fight AIDS, unpayable debt and unfair trade in Africa.

You can watch the painting come to life in a quick time-lapse video.

The new album is called Mmhmm and comes out November 2. You can listen to samples on purevolume and watch a goofy promo video on the band’s mini-site.

Though I can’t help but notice the first video, “The Pitch,” bears a striking resemblance to the HappyFunTime video “Egh!” (which you can watch on or the new HappyFunTime DVD Brain Matter). While “The Pitch” has a short, sweet, laugh-out loud quality, “Egh!” is funny and deep.

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