Nickelodeon: Turn off the TV

Nickelodeon: Let's Just PlayOn Saturday, October 2 Nickelodeon will go off the air for a day to promote physical activity. The popular children’s cable channel will go silent all day Saturday in an effort to get kids and their families playing as part of the Worldwide Day of Play.

But on Nickelodeon’s web site hyping the day for kids there’s little mention of the blank screens they’ll find come Saturday. Maybe it’s just too hard to admit.

3 thoughts on “Nickelodeon: Turn off the TV”

  1. Wow. That’s a pretty radical step for a TV network. I wonder what the thinking behind that *really* is … Maybe the programming will be off, but they’ll have commercials for 24 hours straight instead … to make money off of the deal ;-) OK, I am *really* cynical …

  2. MTV actually did something similiar a few years ago. It seems like it was something about censorship or how many people had died of AIDS or something like that.

    It seems parent company Viacom knows something about going off the air and making it work for them.

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