Poker: It’s Not Just for Old Men Anymore

The newest fad among teens? Sitting around a table in a darkened room shuffling cards and cracking jokes. You’d think they were a bunch of old men. Thanks to the popularity of online poker and cable TV shows like “Celebrity Poker Showdown” and “World Series of Poker,” Texas Hold ‘Em is the latest must-do activity for teens.

And it’s not just for fun. Money definitely exchanges hands, though it may only be in small denominations. State officials say private, social betting is legal — even for minors. But parents should be wary, watching for high-stakes games or a developing gambling addiction.

“Let them play cards, but be mindful of the betting. If you see them betting their allowances, say, ‘Why don’t you play for toothpicks or monopoly money?'” says Frank Ball, the director of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement division.


3 thoughts on “Poker: It’s Not Just for Old Men Anymore”

  1. I know that I’m desperately geeky, but playing poker with friends hasn’t ever been an “old man” thing for me. I was doing it in high school, and did it some this summer, and I’ve known plenty of others our age that enjoy it. It HAS gotten more limelight and popularity from the above shows, but I think it’s always been around.

  2. You’ll have to check with others to know if it’s just my comp, but I can no longer see in the main list of blogs whether somethings been commented on anymore. I’ve refreshed and all that, but for instance, this blog and the one on U2’s Vertigo show no comments to me, but if you click on those blogs, you’ll see that there ARE comments.

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