Morning Breath & Shopping

One of the odd things I’ve noticed about married life is how incredibly bad your breath can smell in the morning. Of course I’ve always known about morning breath–I’ve seen the Scope commercials. But I had never actually experienced it and the fact never quite sunk in. But when you’re married and reaching for that good morning kiss, the morning breath becomes painfully obvious.

Another fun thing about being married is the inordinate amount of shopping you have to do. It probably doesn’t help that both of us lived in dorms before being married. We’ve spent the last three days shopping, and quite frankly, I never knew you could spend that much at Target. The worst part is we’re still not done. But thankfully someone invented the wedding gift–which most often comes in the form of cash. Which just so happens to be the biggest incentive for not eloping. And if you’re not concerned with outfitting your new home or apartment, by all means elope!

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