Stopping to Stare

Sometimes the human mind just needs a break. This past week was my spring break and I tried to do a lot of catching up. Unfortunately, my brain didn’t quite agree with that plan. Sometimes you just have to give in to your brain and do nothing for a while. Your brain usually knows what it’s talking about.

This afternoon I also saw break in the spitting rain to see the sky split open and the setting sun shine across the horizon. It lit everything up under the dark rain clouds and cast a beautiful rainbow, stretching from one end of the horizon to the other. If you looked close enough you could even see a second rainbow. Everyone stopped for a moment and looked up to the sky. A couple crossed the street to get a better look. A man stepped out of his car and craned his neck to the sky. The gas station attendant left her post and came outside to gaze at the sight. While pumping my gas I let my eyes run up and down the bright wave of color. A few minutes later I was a several miles down the freeway and the rainbow was all but gone, the sun vanishing behind the horizon. The power of nature to make man stop is amazing.