Friendship in Pain

There you were. That name. That voice. That face. I haven’t seen you in so long. The last time we talked wasn’t exactly easy. But that was five months ago. They say time heals all wounds. The healing came sooner than I thought it would. Then again you were the one in pain, and I can’t speak for your healing. But aside from the awkwardness, it seemed to be okay. Things will be okay. They will be all right. Perhaps I was wrong. You wondered why I let you in on my newest trial, and perhaps this is the very reason. Friendship is proven in the fire of adversity.

Adjusting to College

Terror grips his heart. You might not know it from a casual glance, but he’s terrified. You can tell by watching his face. His eyes are puddles of fear, his voice wavers, and he can hardly sit still. He hardly ever speaks, and when he does it’s quiet, nervous, and unsure. The joy of being a college freshman.

Certainly not everyone undergoes this kind of anxiety. But some do. The transition to college can be quite a shock for some. Totally new everything, new home, new friends, new school, new teachers, new part of the country. It can be pretty overwhelming when you don’t see a single familiar face in the crowd of hundreds.

But I know how this kid feels. It was the first week of class, and he still wasn’t settled in yet. He still doesn’t feel comfortable. I know how he feels, because two years ago that was me. As class was dismissed and I headed out into the hall, nodding to several friends as they trickled by, I slowed my pace and let the freshman fall in next to me. He had been in my group, so I knew his name. I started some conversation, and I actually could see the vice of terror loosen, and I could hear his voice in a normal tone. It was only a few sentences of conversation–not even anything deep–but it brightened his day. Sometimes it only takes a few well-placed words to chase away the drudgery.