Declaring War on an Entire Dorm

War is a curious thing. This week is homecoming week at my college, and last night things got a little carried away. One thing lead to another, and the seven guys I live with declared war on an entire dorm. It’s one of those college wars, full of taunts and provocation, but little action. And being upperclassmen, we’re trying to keep it from turning into a juvenile prank war. We attacked first last night by leaving the dorm a package of Twizzlers, cleverly titled “Black Twizzlers of Death.” Stupid? Yeah. But it’s a war of love. The real kicker will be when they try and split up a package of thirty or so twizzlers between a dorm of 150. We’re just trying to have a little fun. Now the wait begins to see if they turn the tables on us and make our lives slightly “inconvenient.” Or it could just be all talk. I guess we’ll see. A psychologist would love to be studying us right now. Oh the things you do for fun. Who knew what college would really be like.

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